Contigo (2017) – Mariana Vega

Mariana Vega (born 11 February 1985) is a Venezuelan singer / songwriter. I am unaware how I came across today’s featured track, but I always love listening to it. Born in Caracas, Venezuela Mariana moved to Canada when she was 15 and learned to play the guitar. At 16 she started to write songs and three years later decided to dedicate her life to music.

She graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Industrial Relations and Psychology, and decided to dedicate herself fully to music, because she had also taken music classes there, guiding her into this profession. She first appeared at local venues, and then larger rooms.

She visited her native land to attend the wedding of a cousin, and it was there that a record executive listened to her, accompanied by an electric guitar, and asked for a demo, for his later musical production. In 2014 she received a Latin Grammy for best new artist.

Whenever I hear Contigo (With You) it provides me with a sensation of serenity – covering me like a warm blanket. Mariana writes well beyond her years and the melody is to die for. The words below are brilliant:

And I want this same soul,
so as not to forget what I learned
I want to live a thousand times and a thousand times with you
I want to live a thousand times
And when we say goodbye I promise not to cry,
it’s not goodbye or thank you very much
It is, I will find you
And I know well that some lives
They will be harder than others
Maybe it will take us more time
But that in the end doesn’t matter

Because I take my soul so I don’t forget what I learned
And it is that I will live a thousand times and a thousand times with you
Is that I will live a thousand times

(loose english translation)

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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