Special Blog Report – The Phenomenon of ‘Mass – Formation’ as precursor to Totalitarianism

Late yesterday afternoon, I found myself well and truly engaged in the above interview with Clinical Psychiatrist Mattias Desmet from Ghent University in Belgium. It has now since been taken down from You Tube.
I have never recorded so many notes for my Ankidroid application which I will relay below. The interviewer described the presentation; ‘It offers a rare – helicopter vantage point of how the Pandemic and Lockdowns have affected populations on mass around the world‘. Whether you are in support of the mainstream narrative or not, I regard this video as essential viewing.

I never imagined I would remain compelled to write for the entire duration, but such was the rigour and complexity of the discussion I was constantly pausing it and jotting down notes. They don’t do the interview justice, so I encourage you to watch the interview in its entirety. If so willing, please share it as widely as possible. I hope you find the interview as engrossing as I did:

The Phenomenon of ‘ Mass Formation’ as precursor to Totalitarianism. The affect of the Pandemic and Lockdowns and why so many buy into the ‘Narrative’ :

According to Clinical Psychologist Mattias Desmet the effects and conditions on individuals created by the Pandemic and Lockdowns might be described as follows:

1. Social isolation and disconnectedness (lack of social bonding),
2. Lack of meaning and significance in lives.
3. Free-Floating anxiety (anxiety which can’t be attributed to anything specifically), and
4. Free-Floating aggression which also one can’t attribute directly to anything.

Reaction – Why Individuals buy into the ‘Narrative’:

Suffering with the aforementioned circumstances and conditions, many individuals will have a propensity to align forcefully with the mass-media message and fall under its spell because it conveys being connected to a larger cause. All the free-floating anxiety can be connected to a mental representation and by participating in their strategy you can control the anxiety. It represents a new kind of meaning-making and solidarity with others suffering from the above conditions. It becomes kind of a ritual to follow as one feels more aligned and connected to a larger group.

Mass-Formation‘ is a psychological response not unlike the hypnosis to the unrelenting campaign of fear. It leads to a very narrow field of attention where people are only aware of a very small part of reality such as only being sensitive to victims of the Corona virus, however remain ambivalent (or ignorant) of the collateral damage. Those, because of Lockdowns; such as children starving especially in ‘developing or sub-developed countries’, or parents made unemployed and destitute, not to mention the millions worldwide suffering from delayed medical treatment.
The starkest impact these followers of the narrative share is that they become oblivious to their own psychological and physical well-being or perhaps of their children. It’s ok to separate Children in classes and the playground, mandate they wear masks – the most vulnerable and least likely to pass-on and be affected by the virus, yet allow adults exceptionally more vulnerable to COVID to carry-on without such restrictions in their workplace and at ballgames or what-have-you.

Mass-Formations‘ of this sort were common in Totalitarian states in the early 20th Century, namely the Nazi Regime and Communism under Stalin. People became willing to sacrifice that most dear and precious to them without giving it much thought.

Case in Point:

When 50% of the leadership under Stalin was liquidated, those individuals didn’t protest, rather they were compliant to accept their death penalty and admit their wrong-doing. In summary, individuals under ‘Mass-Formation’ are willing to forego their individual freedom in favour of the collective well-being. This could be described as ‘radical-collectivism’.

Most of the people in the ‘Narrative camp’ don’t pursue going back or enlightening the old/normal and they disdain dissident voices and opposition. Soon the 30% opposed to the state become silenced, then the state is compelled to commit the most grievous of atrocities like in 1930 under Stalin in the Soviet Union and 1935 under Hitler in Germany to destroy people even if they are loyal or not.

So people have to continue to speak out. In a Totalitarian state 30% are hypnotized, 40% don’t speak out, neutral or simply subject themselves to the mandates of the hypnotized while the remaining 30% try to speak out or object publicly. Unless the last group becomes unified in their opposition then the Totalitarian State will run amok until it eventually devours it’s own and implodes on itself. The complication with the current Mass-Formation as its seen is that it’s Worldwide.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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4 comments on “Special Blog Report – The Phenomenon of ‘Mass – Formation’ as precursor to Totalitarianism
  1. Heyda says:

    Totalmente de acuerdo es exactamente así. Como lo explicas es increible como eres de acertivo en el tema. Gracias por hacernos ver la realidad como es.

  2. I shall certainly be returning to watch the video.

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