El Mismo Cielo (2009) – Marcela Gandara

El Mismo Cielo (The Same Sky / Heaven) is from the outstanding Mexican – Christian singer Marcela Gandara who has featured here twice before. Marcela’s music is so popular here, I hear people singing it outside my door in the street for ‘propina’ (tips). I’m a huge fan of Marcela and today’s song is about being reborn and seeing the divinity in nature.

Me haces vivir (You make me live),
Me haces reir, (You make me laugh)
Y respirar (and breathe).

El Mismo Cielo is the title track of her 2009 album. She has produced 6 albums in total. Marcela sings here about walking down the same streets, but proclaiming she is not the same – rather a tourist seeing everything anew because she is with her saviour. The sea and stars are expressed to her in this voice and even in the silence her epiphany reminds her to stay close.

Christian music is one of my favourite music genres. The melodies and passion in the performances are really second to none, as far as I have appreciated them. I mentioned in the post Agnus Dei by Michael W Smith that after I was baptised in 2003 by the Mornington Baptist church I was introduced to a plethora of Christian artists and groups whose music I still hold very dear.

I learnt of Marcela’s music after I came to Colombia and by good fortune heard her music one day in a perfumier. The fragrances took a back-seat to her intoxicating voice. I had to hear her again after I got home, which I did and every song on her 1 hour music list floored me. I hope you enjoy today’s song El Mismo Cielo (The Same Sky):

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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17 comments on “El Mismo Cielo (2009) – Marcela Gandara
  1. Lovely song, great voice, and terrific graphics on the video!

  2. badfinger20 (Max) says:

    Fantastic voice Matt! The complete sound…really smooth.

  3. Tath says:


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