The AnkiDroid Collection (Part 8) – Neutron Star, Anthropomorphic & Bacteria

Ankidroid additions related to Science, History and Philosophy.
You can find more information about Ankidroid in my post – Learning a Second Language and Ankidroid.

Neutron Star

Neutron Stars have magnetic fields a trillion times that of earth. It’s a type of Pulsar and emits Pulsars from its rapid rotation emitting extremely short variability radio electromagnetic energy. The heavy nuclei contains a ratio of 1.5 neutrons to 1 proton. The weight of a sugar cube on a neutron star would weigh as much as humanity and has 200 billion times the gravitational weight of Earth’s gravitational field. They are the dense remnant (Neutron degeneracy) of a massive dying star (supernova). There are thought to be 1 billion neutron stars in the Universe. White dwarf stars like which our sun will become are made from low mass stars (lower than 10 times the mass of the sun) which results from electron degeneracy.


Anthropomorphism is a term used to describe by having certain human characteristics – the attribution of human characteristics. Examples are Winnie the Pooh or Simba from the Lion King.


A type of biological cell and amongst the first life forms and a branch of microbiology. They possess the genes and enzymes to synthesise Vitamin B(12), which is involved in the metabolism of every cell. Particularly important in the functioning of the nervous system.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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