9/05/22 – 15/05/22 Bivol shocks Canelo, Teaching a future PM & If all Humans Die

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Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world.

Dmitry Bivol Shocks Canelo Alvarez, Wins Dominant Decision

Sports article by Boxing Scene

Last Saturday night Connie and I sat astounded watching one of the greatest recent underdog boxing victories in recent times.  Mexican Canelo Alvarez – the undisputed greatest Pound for Pound boxers of this current age was bizarrely presented in Las Vegas like Apollo Creed in Rocky IV as he confronted the looming Russian boxer Ivan Drago. And we all know how that went down and I remarked to Connie at the time, ‘Don’t you think that’s an ominous sign that they show-biz Canelo up like that before meeting a Russian fighter?‘.

The prefight entertainment and the fight itself on Saturday played out not in dissimilar fashion to the movie. Canelo was moving up in weight to fight a bigger opponent (A Russian no-less) and he was draped by laudits and a huge legion of Mexican supporters at the event and was 5-1 favorite. Understandably Russia is not held in the best regards in the West currently; so while Russian Bivol waited humbly a good portion of time in his corner (like Ivan) as the entertainment rained down on Canelo at the Las Vegas venue; something felt always a bit-off.

The article relayed here is an excellent summary of the fight. Canelo has a contract and brings lots of money to the sport and I knew (and commented to Connie) that Bivol would just about have to knock Canelo out to win the scorecards from the judges (See his Golovkin fight 1) – such is the prevalence of ‘fightfixing’ in the sport. Oh and here is an excellent video of legendary trainer Teddy Atlas talking about ‘How Judges Tried to Rob Dmitry Bivol in Canelo Alvarez Fight‘.

Below are the Bivol – Canelo fight statistics as published in Boxing Scene:

According to CompuBox’s unofficial statistics, Bivol beat Alvarez even more definitively than the scorecards indicated.

CompuBox credited Bivol for landing 68 more punches than Alvarez (152-of-710 to 84-of-495). He landed more power punches (106-of-292 to 74-of-266) and more jabs (46-of-418 to 10-of-229).

Nevertheless, Bivol needed to win the 12th round on two of the three scorecards to avoid a draw. Cheatham, Moretti and Weisfeld all had Bivol in front by only one point, 105-104, entering the final round.

Alvarez should’ve needed a knockout to win when the final round began, but he couldn’t muster much offense against an opponent that simply was better than him on this night. (Read entire article here)

Parliamentary Sub-committee Meeting
Blog article by Bruce Goodman at Weave a Web

This blog story/utterance by a friend I follow daily on WordPress is very short; even by his standards, but he reveals a lot more about it in the comments.
First, the story:

I can understand you wanting a pay rise.

At the end of the day the bottom line is on a go-forward basis. To be honest the reality at this moment in time, if you really think about it, is that it all boils down to it being what it is. The fact of the matter, with all due respect, is that it all adds up to the one thing that matters.

To make a long story short, that really is it in a nutshell.

Have a nice day.

In the comments section Bruce from the ‘actual’ shire reveals the following:

At one stage in New Zealand I had taught 5 members of Parliament – including the Prime Minister! In fact the Prime Minister remembered me saying to him in class: Sit down and shut up. You’ll be Prime Minister one day so learn to shut up now!’ 
And after Bruce wrote: The Prime Minister one was probably the brightest kid I’ve ever taught!

Thanks be to Bruce for changing the course of political history in that little country across the Tasman beside the huge Australia (Read entire article here)

What Will Happen If All Humans Die
Video excerpt at Lex Clips

This is a sober, but eyeopening little inspirational video about the limited-realisation of our individual legacies in the big-picture due to inherent ‘Entropy’ (2nd law of Thermodynamics). I like how the interviewee connects Entropy with his argument, specifically how ants create order through their home-building and how we homo-sapiens also release ‘our heat signature’ through energy to offset Entropy with individual merit and effective collaboration.

Upon reflection of this subject matter, it seems to me that living and truly savouring the moment is the most satisfying aspect of our lives, especially how it affects the people most important to you. Legacy, houses, podcasts, money and statues will be lost to entropy. The only thing we can do is leave our offspring, other family and friends with the moments that hopefully make them better for our existence. (See full Lex clip here)

news on the march the end

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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10 comments on “9/05/22 – 15/05/22 Bivol shocks Canelo, Teaching a future PM & If all Humans Die
  1. Badfinger (Max) says:

    Bruce is one of my favorite people… he is a true Renaissance Man
    He has done about everything.

  2. Thank you Matthew (and Max in the comments) for the call out! I also can still hear the future Prime Minister in a Eugene Ionesco play we did called “The Leader”. The future Prime Minister said: “Wow! The Prime Minister is stroking a pet hedgehog. He spits a tremendous distance.” Ionesco is an absurdist but it all seems pretty normal these days!

  3. That probably requires an essay to understand those parts. I don’t know about the former PM or Eugene Lonesco to have an opinion.

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