23/05/22 – 29/05/22 Top Gun, The Asteroid, Bristol Arm & Venus

news on the march

Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world.

Top Gun: Maverick a Blast from the Past
Movie review by Reely Bernie

I am enthused by all the positive reviews for the Top Gun sequal. My blogger buddy Reely Bernie who writes movie reviews has written an article here which seems consistent with the plethora of positive critique for this movie.

‘Top Gun: Maverick will leave less of an impact down the road, but it’s a worthy sequel, respectfully paying homage to its predecessor while capturing the daunting possibilities of g-force in today’s aircraft. The trip down memory lane might even draw a few tough guy tears amidst the action.‘ (Read more from Reely here)

I’ll leave you with another one of my other favourite critics of movies – The Critical Drinker:

The Day the Mesozoic Died – The Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs
Video by biointeractive

Ever wonder why the dinosaurs disappeared? HHMI BioInteractive investigates the cause of the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period—and the clues come from paleontology, chemistry, physics, and biology. This three-act film tells the story of the extraordinary detective work that solved one of the greatest scientific mysteries of all time. Explore the fossil evidence of these prehistoric animals, and other organisms that went extinct, through this lively educational video. (View entire presentation here)

The Bristol Arm
Blog article at nickreeves

I enjoy reading Nick Reeves’ creative writing pieces. The article concludes with a very lucid and breezy version of Dylan’s – If You See Her Say Hello.

Martin Kettle, formally of Stoneyclough but now resident of Penn Beacon, was stood on a table in the Eight Kings. He was taping the fourth corner of a large poster of Bob Dylan’s face to the wall at the end of the bar.

“No, no, Sam,” he was saying. “It’s ‘uff’, not ‘ow’. Stoneyclough.” He stretched a little higher and I could see that there was still a price sticker on the sole of his left Chelsea boot. With a huff and a scuttle he got off the table and the three of us looked up at Bob.

Dylan is buttoned up, angular. Angelic, monochrome. Highway 61 Revisited. Words form from the very last tendrils of his hair: Penn Beacon’s 1st Bob Dylan Appreciation Evening.  In smaller print (and quite artfully placed on Bob’s shoulders), are penned the date, the details, etc. A speech bubble reckoned Dylan to be saying, ‘FREE! MUSIC AND QUIZ! Hosted by Martin Kettle.’…. (Read entire blog article here)

Venus Death of a Planet
Documentary at SpaceRip

This fascinating documentary examined how Venus has a surface of climatic death due to the following: its steady declining stores of water; lack of a magnetic field (to protect it from the sun’s rays); no plate tectonics to drag carbon down into its crust and hordes of volcanos blasting CO2 into its skies.

Earth has about 8 kms of hard crust under the oceans and 30km under land. The skin of Venus is twice as thick. The surface of Venus is so hot it can melt lead, but in the sulfuric acid clouds at a height of 50km the temperature is 25 degrees and perhaps useful when entertaining the following concept:

HAVOC (Height Altitude Venus Operational Concept) whereby Venus might be surveyed by developing a human outpost through a balloon-born habitat. A science city in the clouds. (Watch documentary here)

news on the march the end

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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