Happy (1998) – Bruce Springsteen

This song wooshes me back to living in Northcote, Melbourne cerca 2005. I had a girlfriend called Claire who was a clairvoyant. She was a busty, curly-short haired blonde who had these little freckles peppered around her face. I don’t think we ever had chit-chat, rather a fully transcendental conversation about the big questions in life.

I was smitten…Us two lost souls hang out a lot in her big yellow family-house beside the train-tracks and we shared moments in time that just clicked.
Claire and I often played today’s track Happy to represent what all was ‘good’ in our world together. Even when I hear it now I can’t help but think of these idealic – surreal capsules of time and place with her. Sure, they were short-lived, but we did achieve this ‘happy‘ which Bruce conveys in his song.

Some need gold and some need diamond rings
Or a drug to take away the pain that living brings
A promise of a better world to come
When whatever here is done

I don’t need that sky of blue, babe
All I know’s since I found you
I’m happy when I’m in your arms
Happy, darling, come the dark
Happy when I taste your kiss
I’m happy in a love like this

Happy comes from Tracks, a four-disc box set by American singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen, released in 1998 containing 66 songs. This box set mostly consists of never-before-released songs recorded during the sessions for his many albums. I went to town with this goldmine of music. Many songs like Happy were unknown until their release and some of them will feature in my project. Happy is a little gem and I never grow tired of listening to it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any specific information about it online. It’s impressive how this song was never released on an album or even performed live. What a great repertoire!

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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6 comments on “Happy (1998) – Bruce Springsteen
  1. Well I do de-Claire… I didn’t know this song at all and it certainly evokes the right feelings of happy and sad at the same time. I guess by 1998 I was too busy to even have the radio on so I missed the Springsteen 4 disc box.

    • Bruce, you would have liked Claire. When she was well and high-spirited, she was quite the loquacious and inquisitive individual. This song still moves me.
      What were you doing in 1998 Bruce to make you so busy?

      • I was writing and selling “Musicals for Schools”. In those days 75% of the primary schools in NZ (about 2,500) were staging my musicals. I was a single man production unit! and still sent out printed copies and CDs. These days it would all be just press a button stuff on the internet but in 1998 it was still licking stamps! I wrote to every school by hand which is why the selling ploy was so successful. And each musical (photocopy it to your hearts content!) cost the school only $10. When I (around 2007) got a job as a librarian in a country school, the Head of Music had written a musical but in fact it was one of mine! I told the Principal and he declared me to be a nutcase! LOL!!!

      • You can’t bottle or quantify the positive effect your musicals had on kids. That’s a lot of schools!
        The head of Music at the school you were a librarian was a plagiarist of your work, but the Principal sided with him? Golly-gee.

  2. A beautiful ballad I’d not heard before. Thanks for sharing it.

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