I Guess It Don’t Get Much Better Than This (2002) – My Friend the Chocolate Cake (David Bridie)

At the time this post is written, this song has just 570 views since it was released on You Tube in 2014. So you could say that the song title I Guess It Don’t Get Much Better Than This says it all. I always loved the Cake and they have featured here so much, but the love isn’t reciprocated by the public nor in this blog. I’m sure many of you have had that realisation when something you hear delights you but isn’t received by someone else with the same fervour. Well, that’s always been my case with the music of Bridie and the Cake. This song was released on the magnificent 2002 record Curious by the Cake.

I sit at the window and I can’t see a thing
We’re not looking closely we’re just giving in
When they spin the wheel of fortune we all clap and dance
And we drink and we laugh and we sing
It’s a hope we hang on to dearly
The chances of winning are grim

And I guess it don’t get much better than this
All the time I feel fine
Do we settle for some ordinary bliss
All the time I don’t mind

My ears must be hearing something different to other folk because I only hear some of the best eclectic music I have ever heard. Regarding the lyrics, it is politically akin to my aforementioned article by the Cake’s Home Improvements. The album Curious peaked at No. 14 on the ARIA chart and No. 19 on the related Alternative Albums chart. I received this album in the mail as a present for having seen David Bridie and Archie Roach in concert and it remains one of my favorite Australian albums. It’s so good and all of the songs will be presented here if there is a public music link.

David Bridie the founder of the Cake was born in 1962 and grew up in the Melbourne suburb of Deepdene with three siblings. He received training in classical music. Bridie travelled to Perth with a band and the lead singer convinced them they would earn more money. Bridie had dropped out of his Arts/Law degree course for the venture but found that Perth bands performed cover versions due to “the city’s penchant for Top 40 and retro hits.” And the rest is history and why we have a stupendous song with 570 views.

1. My Friend the Chocolate Cake – wikipedia

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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5 comments on “I Guess It Don’t Get Much Better Than This (2002) – My Friend the Chocolate Cake (David Bridie)
  1. The video you embedded wasn’t available to me, so I found another audio video on YouTube. It’s a sweet, delightfully upbeat pop song for sure! And yes, it’s always perplexing when few – or even worse, no one – shares our fervent love for a song or artist.

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