If I Should Fall Behind (1992) – Bruce Springsteen

If I Should Fall Behind is the third song to appear in the Music Library Project from the 1992 dual record release by Bruce Springsteen – Human Touch / Lucky Town. I also procured the Bruce Springsteen – The Complete Video Anthology, 1978-2000 which featured the moving video of If I Should Fall Behind (seen at end of this post) directed by Jonathan Demme. I prefer other songs from the dual release like Beautiful Reward and With Every Wish but feel this song and the video is a great homage to Bruce’s inner circle.

We said we’d walk together, baby, come what may
That come the twilight, should we lose our way
If as we’re walking, a hand should slip free
I’ll wait for you
And should I fall behind
Wait for me

We swore we’d travel, darlin’, side by side
We’d help each other stay in stride
But each lover’s steps fall so differently
But I’ll wait for you
And if I should fall behind
Wait for me

Lucky Town peaked at number three on the Billboard 200, with Better Days (paired with Human Touch‘s title track) peaking at number one on the Mainstream Rock. Lucky Town has since sold more than one million copies in the United States. Springsteen was working on Human Touch, which he intended to release sometime in 1990, but the project took him longer than he thought. While most of the songs from the album have received few performances since the reunion of the E Street Band, If I Should Fall Behind was played at every show during the 1999–2000 Reunion Tour and was included in the Live in New York City DVD and CD release.

1. Lucky Town – Wikipedia

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5 comments on “If I Should Fall Behind (1992) – Bruce Springsteen
  1. Badfinger (Max) says:

    This is one of those songs that I had forgot about Matt. I always liked this one.

    • It’s a great snapshot of Bruce there too. One of my favs of him, no doubt. How did you guys go at Graceland?! I like his inner circle band live version and the original. I just wish he made an album of the best from each album. That would have been a humdinger of an album.

      • Badfinger (Max) says:

        We just left Graceland… we are at the Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street… we will be heading home soon. I did get a lot of pics…. I’ll do a post this week at some point

      • In Spanish we respond ‘Que Chevere!’ Which is comparable to ‘F/&kn brilliant!’ haha I’ll be looking forward to it. Have a nice time at the Hard Rock. Woohoo.

      • Badfinger (Max) says:

        We did! We just got home.

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