Ikaw at Ako (You and I) (2019) – Tina Siuagan’s version of Moira Dela Torre, Jason Hernandez’s original

Moira Dela Torre

Today’s featured song Ikaw at Ako (You and I) is a special music entry in the Music Library Project. A Philippine lady Tina Siuagan who followed my blog sent me her rendition of Ikaw at Ako. She wrote the following description of her cover version seen at the end of this post:
After working from home and to use some extra time, I and my brother, Joshua, thought of singing a cover of Moira Dela Torre’s and Jason Hernandez’ “Ikaw At Ako”. We hope you like this simple rendition.

I was so impressed by their lovely version (which includes many funny bloopers), I wanted to track down the Philipine original. I was smitten by it as well and added it to my music project. From what I could glean in the video comments and the google translation is the original song is about someone wishing for love and after waiting so long and overcoming obstacles to find each other; thankful they now have love in their lives, and only want to love each other and nurture what they have….. But I warn you this story doesn’t end well.

A loose English translation of part of the song is below:

The fate I’ve found
In your love
Is what will cause this love
Of ours to last

And now, you’re there
I can’t explain what I feel
I’m ready for forever
I won’t lead you on
I won’t hurt you
From then (from then)
Until now
You and I

Moira Rachelle Bustamante Dela Torre is a Filipino singer-songwriter. She rose to fame for her covers of Imago’s “Sundo”, Moonstar88’s “Torete”, and the Himig Handog-winning single “Titibo-tibo”. Dela Torre is a devout Christian but has said “I don’t like imposing my convictions on other people.” She considers writing and performing worship songs her passion. In 2019, she made a wedding song for Jason Hernandez which is today’s featured song “Ikaw at Ako” (below). Jason Hernandez announced his separation with Dela Torre on May 31, 2022, admitting his unfaithfulness to her during their marriage.

1. Moira Dela Torre – Wikipedia

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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3 comments on “Ikaw at Ako (You and I) (2019) – Tina Siuagan’s version of Moira Dela Torre, Jason Hernandez’s original
  1. This is one of the most beautiful songs ever by Moira

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