In the Mood (1983) – Robert Plant

In the Mood is a song I added to the project after hearing it on Max’s blog – Powerpop. The song sounded uncannily familiar to me, and after racking my brain I believe I located the source (or have I?). It’s called Safety Dance by Men Without Hats to feature later here in the Music Library Project. I don’t know if it’s because I originally heard In the Mood many moons ago or if the song reminded me so much of Safety Dance. That mystery will most likely remain unsolved.

I’m in the mood for a melody
I’m in the mood for a melody
I’m in the mood

I can make you dance
I can make you sing
I can make you dance
I can make you sing
If you want me too

In the Mood was from Robert Plant’s second solo studio album, The Principle of Moments (1983). The drummer on the recording was Genesis’ Phil Collins. It reached Number 4 on the charts. The song’s lyrics are not going to garner a Nobel Prize in Literature any time soon, but it’s a sweet listen. The funny thing is In the Mood and Safety Dance came out the same year. Just a coincidence?

1. In the Mood (Robert Plant Song) – Wikipedia

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5 comments on “In the Mood (1983) – Robert Plant
  1. Badfinger (Max) says:

    Thanks for the link Matt! It’s odd to hear him in the eighties after hearing Whole Lotta Love with Zeppelin…totally different style.
    Robbie Blount plays guitar and I love his rubberband style of playing.

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