I’ve Got a Plan (2002) – My Friend the Chocolate Cake

The songs from the Melbourne ‘gypsy-like romp and ballad’ group ‘My Friend the Chocolate Cake‘ feature prominently at my Music Library Project. Another song I reviewed from them recently – ‘I Guess It Don’t Get Much Better Than This‘ describes today’s song I’ve Got a Plan to a tee. This is one of my favourite Australian songs.

I got a plan
Let’s take off in the blue station wagon
And find the open road to salvation
Away from here

Yeah, I got a plan
Change the patterns that I form a lot
Not try to be something that I’m not
That I’m not

I’ve got another plan – this time it’ll work
Yeah, I’ve got another plan – this time it’ll work
Or I’ll be struck down, struck down

A lot of the Cake’s lyrics (from David Bridie) seem to be about escapism from ‘habitual life’ that society and modern living has forged. I’ve always found their music ‘a key’ of sorts to unlock options about how I might want to live my life more audaciously.

I’ve Got a Plan was the lead single from the Cake’s second album ‘Brood‘. At the ARIA Music Awards of 1995, Brood won the ARIA Award for Best Adult Contemporary Album.
Please excuse the poor audio in the video below, but it’s one of the few music-videos they released. You can find the original audio here.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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2 comments on “I’ve Got a Plan (2002) – My Friend the Chocolate Cake
  1. Such a sweet, pleasing song.

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