The AnkiDroid Collection (Part 28) – Sat Nam, Skinner’s Rats & Google Motives

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Sat Nam

In Kundalini yoga, Sat Nam is the most widely used mantra.

Sat – Truth and Light
Nam – Identity and Existence

I wrote about my yogi Nirvair Khaisa (pictured above) in two other articles here. My interpretation of Sat Nam based on Nirvair’s teachings is when you chant ‘Sat‘ you feel a burst of light representing ‘truth‘ penetrate and illuminate you and when you chant ‘Nam‘ you let that become your ‘Identity‘ and divine wisdom.

Sat Nam‘ is also used as a greeting to acknowledge the Truth in each one of us and as a personal mantra to express or tune into one’s infinite identity.

Skinner’s Rats

I was umming and ahhing over whether to include this one here since I haven’t found confirmation this experiment was ever conducted, but it was relayed by someone who I considered a reliable source. May be someone here can chime in.

As I heard it – The behaviourist psychologist B.F. Skinner did a rat experiment of extended awareness. The interpretation of its findings which I heard recently is that it exposed the danger of being conscious of too much, especially relatable now in a globalised society with social media.

Rats which were put on a table of perspex floating on water and didn’t know of the danger just ran around randomly, and the perspex continued to float. When human beings were put under the same test conditions, they lasted to float for just seconds because they would run to the same side to ensure equilibrium and in so doing topping themselves over.

Knowing too much and oversaturated with too much stimuli can be a detriment to our human-race commensurate with extreme political polarisation since the advent of social media and systemic information dissemination problems associated with the Pandemic.
When we were living in clans – hunter gather or Agrarian societies we just went about making the most of life and living simply and locally. We weren’t conscious or inundated with how terrible human beings can be or the quantity of world problems. Sometimes knowing less means we can float.

Google Motives

The following are the three motives of Google according to Dr Robert Epstein from the American Institute for Behavioural Research which offers data on the power of Google and Big Tech:

1. Make Money

Google are the biggest advertising agency in the world by 20 times. A few years ago, Google made 100 billion, now they make 150 billion.

2. Impose Their Values

96% of donations from Google go to the Democratic party. They are trying to reengineer humanity according to company values. Recommended searches ie rid negative searches from who they supported ie Hilary Clinton, but let the negative pop-up in search suggestions for other candidates and turn a 50-50 split in undecided voters to a 90-10 split for the supported candidate.
My own thoughts: See the obfuscation / censoring of the Joe Biden’s son story leading up to last US election and Google’s alleged temporary suspension of Tulsi Gabbard’s advertising account after the 1st democratic debate.

Dwight Eisenhower post-war 34th US President (Head of Allied Forces WWII) in his retirement speech warned of the large military-industrial complex emerging, but also warned in the future of a technological elite controlling public policy without anyone knowing. The technological elite are now in control.

3. Share Intelligence

It became evident Google shared intelligence with Government and Law enforcement worldwide – finding threats to national security by looking at what individuals are searching. It was set up to track and observe search history.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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