I Won’t Forget

I Won’t Forget

I won’t forget how it deceived me

I won’t forget that it’s poison

I won’t forget how bad I felt

I won’t forget how each day was excruciatingly the same

I won’t forget how I let it all slip

I won’t forget when people walk away they do so forever

I won’t forget how much better I am without it

I won’t forget the deeper sleep and new morning

I won’t forget to cherish the new path

I won’t forget how easy it is to deviate

I won’t forget to read this daily

I won’t forget how my children rescued me

I won’t forget the courage you instilled, and

I won’t forget your amazing grace.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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14 comments on “I Won’t Forget
  1. Hi Matt, is this your composition? Very reflective!

  2. Never mind the technicalities! I enjoyed your composition. Did you write it in a couple of days?! Nicely done. Hope to see more of your poems/compositions in the future!! So honoured that my blog/poems etc have inspired you to write. You know Matt, when I started this blog eight years ago (upon the insistence of my sister) I wanted my blog to do exactly that. Inspire and encourage. A London woman is smiling right now!!

    • I wrote the mayority of it in minutes. I added more lines as they came to me sporadically in the morning between chores.

      I wrote some poetry in my youth, but I haven’t had the motivation since. I write reflective type posts on the rare occasion.

      My passion lies more towards discussing music, reading, cinema and a little news. I have a schedule I enjoy following daily. It’s a neat hobby.

      Your poetry is on another level. I feel blessed to be able to read it. Thanks Sharon.

      • Yes, I’ve noticed you post quite frequently! So when you don’t post anything for a while I begin to feel nervous! Huge smile! It’s so nice to have a routine that you are happy to stick to and yours being so wide and reflective. Your posts give me a lot to think about – which is a good thing. Matt, am I right, did you say you have a degree in Politics? Because my degree was in politics, for all the good it did for me!!! Looking forward to reading more of your posts and any more poetry. Have a great weekend.

      • Nervous? Hehe. Sometimes I find myself busy with the kids or what-not.

        It sure means a lot that you find the articles worth your reading!

        Yes, I have a BA major in Politics and Masters in Education. What career did you end up pursuing? Writing?

        Sharon, thanks so much for your support in Bloggerworld. I also look forward to reading more from you. Cheers.

  3. Ps. How is young Katherine feeling now? x

    • Thanks for asking Sharon. Kat will arrive with her brother this afternoon. Tomorrow I will take her to the Tennis Academy and my son to his football training. Both are well! Do you have children?

      • No, that writing career did not materialise Matt. But not through a lack of trying! Competition in the UK for writing jobs is fierce. So, I ended up working in the public and private sector. Pretty mundane work. So this is where my blog has come in handy, doing what I love to do – most of the time – writing. And connecting with other people with similar interests like you for example! Hope all is well with you and your family. Best wishes.

      • I also tried a a writing career of sorts, by trying to gainer interest in a book draft. At least some of my favourite parts were published in my blog. I ended up doing menial office jobs as well. Sharon, it appears that our career and blog interests align to some degree.

        We had a fantastic weekend Sharon and I hope you had the same. Thanks for asking.

  4. Good, so happy to hear both your children are well Matt. No, sadly, no kids for me! Maybe in another lifetime!!! Enjoy your time with them.

  5. This is an excellent mantra. I have been around many addicts in my life. I’m one myself. The “it” well, fill in the blank!

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