La Violetera (Los Goya 2021) – Nathy Peluso

Argentinian Nathy Peluso sings drama, salsa, jazz, reggaeton, boleros, tango, soul, trap, hip – hop.
Peluso featured here before with her infamous rap song Nasty Girl which hasn’t won me any friends. I don’t care. I can’t get enough of it, like her other rap – hip hop song Sana Sana and her salsa composition Pure Venom. She is so fresh and daring.

It’s Peluso’s manner of delivery, transparency and conviction which I admire so highly. She has shown that she can interpret any musical style because she has talent in abundance. Anyone who at the age of 16 can perform classic songs by Frank Sinatra or Nina Simone at hotels and restaurants in Torrevieja, Spain knows their stuff!

Todays song ‘La Violetera‘ (The Woman who sells Violets) is a classic Spanish track and the Argentine singer interprets the iconic ‘cuplé’ (The cuplé is a Spanish musical style, light and popular, which could sometimes be risqué and spicy by the standards of the time), which achieved great popularity with Sara Montiel and the film of the same name.

(A loose English translation follows):

Like birds heralding spring
Violeteras appear in Madrid
that proclaiming swallows look like
that they are chirping, that they are chirping

take it, sir
That is not worth more than a real
buy me this bouquet
buy me this bouquet
To show it off in the buttonhole

It’s her happy eyes, her smiling face
What is said a type of Madrid
Net and castiza that if she closes her eyes
She sears you, she sears you

The flowers give the song its name and also adorn Peluso’s dress, who in the days leading up to the gala promised “devotion, flavor and heart” in this performance and assured that performing at the Goyas is “a great dream come true.” Nathy is one of the few stars with her own style and one of the most creative queens of hip-hop and trap at the moment as aforementioned.

Nathy Peluso sings in her own way and gives the song her particular sensual style. Images of Sara Montiel appeared at the back of the stage, whom one identifies with this song, and Charles Chaplin, who used it in his film “City Lights“.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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2 comments on “La Violetera (Los Goya 2021) – Nathy Peluso
  1. She has a beautiful, emotive vocal style that transcends genres.

    • I couldn’t argue with that. I’m a fan of Peluso and I hope she comes to Colombia!
      I saw her in an interview a few days ago and she couldn’t be a humbler individual – so distinct from how many might perceive her after watching ‘Nasty Girl’ haha
      In the interview below she reminded me so much of the Australian country music artist Kasey Chambers in not only her demeanor and ‘appearance’, but she even has the same laugh lol

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