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County Fair (2003) – Bruce Springsteen

I love this little known gem from Bruce. The words, the delivery and instrumentals are from someone who knows their craft. It was released as a bonus track on The Essential Bruce Springsteen record which I snapped up with much

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Rushmore (1998) – Wes Anderson (Friday’s Finest)

I’m surprised this is the first movie to appear here on ‘Friday’s Finest’ from director Wes Anderson. His eccentric and distinctive visual and narrative styles of film-making have made a great impression on the cinema world. He has created a

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Countin’ on a Miracle (2002) – Bruce Springsteen

Countin’ on a Miracle is from Bruce’s The Rising record released after the attack on the twin towers in New York. This record was a dedication to the victims and survivors of that terrible day. The Rising was symbolically named

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Locke (2013) – Steven Knight (Friday’s Finest)

If you just want to see one movie that demonstrates what a powerhouse Tom Hardy is as an actor then see Locke. Forget the Revenant which in he was nominated, or Mad Max, Locke is the go-to Hardy movie with

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Stop the Press – Pierre Kory & Bret Weinstein

I have repeatedly mentioned about Dr. Pierre Kory’s pleads to congress (which were subsequently treated as Fake by Facebook and banned from You Tube) and Brett Weinstein and Heather Heying’s discussions about alternative treatment to COVID. Now finally the two

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Comfortably Numb (1979)- Pink Floyd

What more can be said about this song? I don’t know how Floyd created a song which projects the listener in a blissful state of numbness. Each time I hear it, I feel a transcendent feeling of warmness and comfort

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Continuning with AnkiDroid…

Last Wednesday, I discussed how I came in touch with AnkiDroid and the wonders it has done for bolstering my daily learning of Spanish and English. Today I present just 3 cards that I added to my Anki. It requires

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Clouds (1988) – The Go-Betweens

I could write a 10 thousand word essay about this song, but I’m a lazy tard. It incorporates Dylan’s Love Minus Zero in the concert version below and I find it captivating. I have written before and I’ll say it

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‘We require more Mindfulness and Discipline’ – Daniel Schmachtenber

Don’t skip this post or you will miss a great Poem. I wrote in a previous post that my favourite philosophical debate was Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson arguing ‘What is True’. Since its release it has become widely recognised

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The Top 5 Observation Blogger Posts celebrating Christmas

Let’s be honest, it has been a wretched year for most. I admit I am ordinarily a Scrooge come XMAS, but this year more than any other I truly, madly deeply want to celebrate this Christmas in all its glory.

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