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My Favourite 100 movies

Naked (1993) – Mike Leigh (Friday’s Finest) - Naked is a dark and confronting black-comedy film about a violent sex offender in London. This vagabond Johnny who wanders the streets expounding his world view at length to anyone who will listen is a detestable, but loquacious intellectual. I
Once Were Warriors (1994) – Lee Tamahori (Friday’s Finest) - The movie now glorified as the big cinema game changer in 1994 is the Cannes Palme d’Or winner Pulp Fiction, but Once Were Warriors released the same year had a much bigger impact on me. After multiple viewings extrapolating the
The Castle (1997) – Rob Sitch (Friday’s Finest) - This contains one of my all-time greatest comedic lines in Australian cinema history…Dad says to son Steve: ‘Oh Steve could you move the Camira, I need to get the Torana out so I can get to the Commodore‘. Steve –
Halloween (1978) – John Carpenter (Friday’s Finest) - Halloween has nearly been rebooted more times than Britney Spear’s articles have appeared on the BBC home page. From that, you get a sense of the horror theme which coarse through both franchises. Despite the numerous attempts to replicate or
Wonder Boys (2000) – Curtis Hanson (Friday’s Finest) - It’s a wonder I hadn’t reviewed Wonder Boys by now in Friday’s Finest. I’ll introduce this whimsical movie Wonder Boys by celebrating its stellar music soundtrack which includes Bob Dylan’s Oscar winning song ‘Things Have Changed‘ which I discussed in

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