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Mississippi Grind (2015) – Friday’s Finest - Ben Mendelsohn was one of the first young Australian actors I admired growing up. He appeared in the little known Australian movie The Year my Voice Broke (1987) alongside Noah Taylor who I also liked. Both of these actors have
What’s Your Greatest Comedic Moment? Larry and the Battered Women - Larry David goes to see some battered women (women who have suffered from domestic abuse)…You might recall the fabulous actress Ma’am’ here as Eddie’s wife Catherine in the 1983 Vacation movie – Miriam Flynn. She made this scene work as
The Ghost Writer (2010) – Roman Polanski (Friday’s Finest) - When we started to bunker down in our respective COVID-19 shelters I went through my DVD archives and chose some movies I wanted to revisit. One such movie The Ghost Writer which I just finished watching features today in Friday’s-finest.
Coronavirus IV: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Coronavirus IV: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) Video news report at Last Week Tonight: I normally find John Oliver a bit smarmy and his humour hit and miss, but this episode was a gem. At the start he
Coronavirus & Curb Your Enthusiasm (random thoughts on both) - COVID-19 I hope this message finds everyone well as we enter ‘Lockdown’ mode. It feels to me like we are living in our very own Science Fiction movie. Certainly we haven’t lived in times comparable to the these. Perhaps psychologically

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