Did the RIO Olympics Deliver?

rioJust finished reading this article on BBC about Rio Olympics 2016: Did the IOC’s gamble pay off or did Brazil fail to deliver?

What are your thoughts?

I personally feel the Olympics didn’t pay off. Sure there are always stellar moments on the screen, which you could still get if the events were located near the south pole, but how many witnessed the events first hand? For instance, the public crowd attendance at the Marathon was extremely poor. There seemed more junior guards perimiting the fences than there were actual spectators. The first day athletics sold just half the seating capacity.

The proximity of Rio to major air transport destinations is like 1000 miles. So the normal Olympic traveler may have found the costs too high to travel. And as for the the local support – the cost for the average Brazilian in Favela to attend an event is like half their weekly salary. At least, the football was well attended.
Imagine if the money that was injected into these Olympics was instead put into infrastructure and public housing in Brazil?

The booing against opposition was terrible to hear in Brazil, but that occurs in nearly total Latin American. The ESPN Latin American commentators were similarly bad-sports when viewing say a Weightlifter against a Latin opponent and chant – Please No, no no, no as he was going to lift. It’s no wonder multiculturalism, tolerance, and diversity hasn’t exactly thrived here in the sole Catholic continent. I thought the values of Religion brought goodness and decency to its followers :lol:

The poor behaviour of some athletes also left a sour taste, which I don’t need to expand on here since it has been done to death in the media. Don’t forget the green pool, but looking back that is probably the least of the problems seen at these Olympics.

So the IOC naively maintain the tournament was a huge success and encapsulated the vibrancy and culture of the Brazilians. They wanted to bring the torch to a new continent, but had they considered the socioeconomic fall-out from it? To leave a divided, developing nation become even more disunited and entangled and left to the whim of the corrupt powers that be?  Appearances aren’t what they are all cracked up to be.

Updated 23 Aug 2016:
Rio 2016: After the Olympic party, reality bites for the city’s poor – ABC NEWS AUSTRALIA

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“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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