Ezra Klein, a Rational or Irrational Lefty?

I have been repeatedly queried as to why I stated that Ezra Klein would be moderate to far left on the political spectrum. So I have drafted this reply to the countless people on Reddit who asked me to explain. The reddit thread is here.
Below are my reasons for my statement:

Ezra Klein Jonathan HaidtKlein states ‘That there is widespread racial and gender discrimination in American society’. However, as seen clearly in his discussion with Jonathan Haidt, Ezra Klein’s perception of gender discrimination in the workforce is completely based on arbitrary perception. It exists because he thinks it exists and wants to find it and fight this thing he thinks exists because it makes him feel good, not because it actually exists. Why doesn’t Ezra bring up industries dominated by women? Like healthcare or teaching? It’s also clear that Ezra’s Vox cares about scoring points, rather than showing facts.

As someone stated in you tube regarding his podcast with Haidt which I also contend, ‘Dr Haidt seems to me to be delineating the distinction between a rational Left and the crazy intersectionalist Left: a rational Leftist doesn’t begin from the presupposition that because he or she feels intensely about something, that makes the analysis irreproachably true and the belief irreproachably virtuous. It’s just a perspective to set beside a more conservative perspective as the premise for further debate, so that a pragmatic compromise might be reached. The irrational Left violently eschews this dialogic pragmatism because, like a spoiled (and disturbed) child, it believes it is unimpeachably virtuous and that countervailing perspectives must by definition be evil. That’s how sweeping generalisations (pervasive racism/sexism/transphobia, etc) take the place of specified, clearly defined problems in concrete situations that may be amenable to a solution borne of Left-Right debate and the willingness to reach a compromise. A rational Left will compromise; an intersectionalist Left will seek to silence dissent and use violence to impose its will. I’m a former Leftist. I know this from the inside, as it were.’

As was also demonstrated in the Haidt interview Ezra Klein didn’t read the Damore memo. He stated or words to the effect ‘It was just a silly little blog’. He just knows he’s supposed to denounce it. How can Klein interview Haidt, a extremely well respected Yale psychologist, and suggest that Haidt is the one who has made an error judging the Damore memo? Bizarre.

It is clear that Google and the media hugely misrepresented the Damore memo. My impression is that Damore had to be fired because he went against the feminist dogma of social construction and patriarchy. Science does not seem permitted at Google. Please find below this highly reasonable assessment of the Damore memo by this female Engineer:

Harris KleinIn the infamous Sam Harris podcast with Klein, Klein fantasized about punching Nazis, counting the new genders and driveling about the wage gap between the men and women. Sam has claimed Ezra to be on the far left probably referring to Klein’s virtue signaling and identity politics specifically in this case as it pertains to race and IQ. In social politics it’s fair to say Ezra could be on the far left, if not a far left apologist/sympathizer. Has he ever said anything critical of identity politics, or does he just take it to mean “fighting injustice”.

As someone stated in another post, ‘When Harris calls someone “far left” or. “regressive left”, he’s actually referring to SJWs, not to put too fine a point on it. It’s just that one of those terms sounds more professional, more academic, and the other sounds more internet meme. But he isn’t disparaging Klein simply for being left leaning on his politics. Harris is left leaning in his politics.’  But Klein did specifically choose to act like a full blown SJW  in that single episode he had with Sam.

Klein is probably intelligent and a good person, but he seems too possessed and brainwashed by postmodern ideology. He may wake up one day though. Many of today’s greatest thinkers were once in the same shoes. Even Jordan Peterson started out as a supporter for a Canadian socialist party when he was young and naive. My major problem with Klein is he seems completely amoral. He has no sense of right and wrong. It is all influencing and narrative spinning. I just watched first 30 minutes of his latest podcast and he hasn’t said anything of any substance. It is all generic ideas about ideas.

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“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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