The Liam Neeson Farce. Why is Psychological Insight of this Nature Being Scorned?

I thought it was good for men ‘to talk about their feelings’?

What surprised me was how the interviewer stated his remarks have offended people of colour.

How on earth could his remarks be interpreted as a racial slur or blight on black people? His point was clearly to acknowledge his own deep psychological suffering and tribal angst in that era of his life. That took courage in my book.

In effect, his openness about this issue may prevent or dissuade the next person who is out for blood when they or someone close to them has become the victim of violence.

Instead, the ‘modern’ left pigeon-holed Liam’s reflections into their collectivist ‘group identity’ narrative. His individuality; remorse; intended message; and of course the actual victim are really of little or no consequence.

I remember a time when the ‘left’ would be lining up to give someone like that a medal. Now the the ‘modern left’ want him publicly shamed and his career effectively terminated.

Below is Joe Rogan & Sam Harris’ take on the Liam Neeson Controversy:

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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2 comments on “The Liam Neeson Farce. Why is Psychological Insight of this Nature Being Scorned?
  1. ilonapulianauskaite says:

    my fav actor

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