12/11 – 18/11/19 Meaning of Life, Saints, Influencers and Virgins

news on the march

Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world.

Poem by River Dixon at The Stories In Between:

There it is again
At the corner
Of my eye
Dangling, distracting
A tiny strand
Twitching, dancing
As if
From a marionette’s
Interpretive hand….… (read more).

Article at the Waking Up on the Wrong Side of 50:

Influencers show us a world that we can have if we just try to be perfect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They show a standard of living that is unrealistic, and frankly unhealthy. When I look at some of the influencer pictures, I can’t help but think Stepford… At 50+, I’m perfectly content with not being even remotely perfect....Read Entire Article

Poem at Lydia Rae Bush Poetry:

Whisper words like “virgin” and watch
as images dance through their minds

of white satin gloves,
of innocent deer,
of crystal clear glass.

Write it on my i.d. or social,
but leave it off my nametag, please.… (Read all).

You tube video podcast excerpt on the Joe Rogan show with Spanish subtitles redacted by Carlos M. Pineda:

The meaning of life to me as a child was prescribed in the form of a good dose of Sunday school and a theistic doctrine. Then science and rational materialism threw a monkey wrench in the works. How do you reconcile Religion and Science? Some say you can’t, but Jordan Peterson says you can.

This presentation of ideas about the biggest questions we face in life is without doubt the most confounding and transformational I have seen. One day when I have time, I will transcribe the whole excerpt, so when my children ask me ‘Pa, what am I doing here on this rock’? I’ll have this transcript to give to them..…. (Watch entire excerpt)

Poem Mike’s Manic Word Depot:

he stripped
the meaning
from the words
then plastered them
across the room
in hopes
saw something
in the hollow
  (Read entire poem)

news on the march the end

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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15 comments on “12/11 – 18/11/19 Meaning of Life, Saints, Influencers and Virgins
  1. River Dixon says:

    Thanks for the mention.

  2. Bruce says:

    This weekly gathering of favourite bits is great. I can’t believe how much I must miss on a daily basis.

    • It’s weird sometimes I go days without finding anything interesting, then suddenly I am inundated with great articles and videos. I have a backlog of cool stuff, but I use those to fill subsequent weeks which may be quiet. I hope you’re a doing well Bruce!

  3. Alphabet Ravine says:

    🙂 Thank you!

  4. badfinger20 says:

    Influencers… great post and true.

    • Ironically, those blogs seem to have the most followers. Some have a beautiful daily picture of their 20 something year old selves and then five or so lines with their pearls of wisdom about how you should your life. I call them ‘woke’ blogs. And most of the comments are confined to ‘Great advice’, and ‘You’re amazing’.

      That’s why I have never opened an Instagram page…Please excuse my cynicism.

      • badfinger20 says:

        I’m there with you…I don’t have Instagram. The Barbie Syndrome…all the girls trying to look like Barbie.
        There is something so plastic in it that I cannot relate. Wait until they are hit with real life problems.

      • I don’t want to cast dispersion on all people who have a Instagram profile, but public promotion of oneself like it’s a contest for competing views is just so rampant. Oh yeh, and when they are hit with real life problems, they go on a bender telling the whole world about every nook and cranny of their plight hoping for mass-sympathy and victimization votes. Ok that’s enough of my rant. Haha!

      • badfinger20 says:

        No I’m with you. The only social platform I have is this… and this is to find people with as odd tastes as me.
        Me telling someone how to live would be very sad indeed. In fact I would tell people to do the opposite of what I tell them.

      • Same here, this is the only one I use and for reasons similar to yours.
        I had to laugh about telling people to do the opposite. It reminds me of the Woody Allen quote: ”I’d never join a club that would allow a person like me to become a member.’
        I get a real kick out of that quote and I respect his admission of fallibility.

      • badfinger20 says:

        That is a great quote!

  5. Fantastic post! Wow! Very life affirming without being preachy. You’ve broached a lot of topics here and have given me some terrific reading material. Thanks.

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