Coronavirus & Curb Your Enthusiasm (Random Thoughts on Both)

Curb Your Enthusiasm


I hope this message finds everyone well as we enter ‘Lockdown’ mode. It feels to me like we are living in our very own Science Fiction movie. Certainly we haven’t lived in times comparable to the these. Perhaps psychologically you could draw connections to 9-11, but COVID 19 seems particularly more menacing not just in terms of threats to global health (physical and mental), but because the economy as we know it will be trashed. I just hope anarchy and violence isn’t a consequence of extended quarantining.

Hopefully this virus is just a dress rehearsal and Governments and Organizations can learn to prepare and prioritise (stockpile resources) for such emergencies in the future. The ‘just in time’ minimal Government neo-liberal economies are going to get a big wake up call from this. Despite Bill Gates and other tech guru’s warning about epidemics and virus’ years ago nobody heeded the warning. I know it blindsided me too. Did you see the 4 corners episode on the origin and spread of the virus? Scary stuff, but very informative.
The continual propagation of these viruses from Chinese wet markets cannot continue. How that has been allowed to persist by Chinese authorities is perplexing.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Final Episode 10 (season 10)

Regarding the Curb episode I thought there were some funny moments, but it was fairly weak and predictable finale. Overall, IMHO the story arc this season wasn’t as interesting or as strong as other seasons. There was so much potential given the ‘spite store’, sexual harassment allegations and Larry’s fling with Cheryl. In the beginning of the final episode I was wondering if they were setting up ‘Late Larry’s’ to become a viable, real-life franchise, but I suppose given what occurred that’s not going to happen. I still enjoyed watching it and I’m grateful for that.

One thing’s for certain Marty Funkhouser is a huge loss to the show. Vince Vaughn had just one good line the whole series (you got to break a couple of watches to know how to handle a big cock). Where I think earlier seasons and episodes were more effective is when Larry concentrated on fewer scenarios, but built them up to intertwine and culminate to a fantastic gotcha finale. Here there seemed an over abundance of ideas and places it could go, but didn’t amount to a hill of beans, excuse the pun. Each episode had too many plotlines and the payoff wasn’t always strong.

Overall, I enjoyed the season, but the show was beginning to parody itself and the stakes didn’t really feel authentically high like it did in other seasons. I might be being too critical given how much I found myself chuckling each episode. Larry when it’s all said and done is a comedic genius and his observational humour is nothing but enriching to a society dummed down by formulaic Hollywood storytelling, social media and PC hysterics.

I’ll probably delve into earlier seasons as we enter ‘Lockdown’. I’ve already chosen many movies from my collection to see through this quarantine period. I started last night with Casablanca. ‘Here’s looking at you, kid’.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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26 comments on “Coronavirus & Curb Your Enthusiasm (Random Thoughts on Both)
  1. macalder02 says:

    Lamentablemente nosotros hemos sido los creadores de este “estado de gracia” con la pandemia del coronavirus. Destruimos la naturaleza y ahora ella nos devuelve las consecuencias. El afan de lucro y poder no tiene límites. Dejamos de lado el sistema de salud y el virus ha desnudado la carencia que sufren los hospitales para luchar contra el virus. Por las noticias se que ustedes están en 2144 casos y solo 8 fallecidos. Una cifra manejable en comparación con las otra potencias. En Chile en la noche hay toque de queda y nosotros en cuarentena.Cumplimos con las recomendaciones para evitar males msyores. Em cuanto a la serie, en Chile no está en la plataforma televisiva. Así que no he visto. Cuídate. Un fuerte abrazo. Manuel

    • Hola Manuel. Espero que este mensaje te encuentras muy bien.
      No se si este virus es un gran escema de la naturaleza o no, pero hay fuerte evidencia que el virus ha propagado de las practicas de muy mal higiene en los mercados humedos en China. Tengo el link del documental Australiano sobre el origen del virus en mi articulo aca. Se puede ver con subtitulos en español.

      Si POR FIN mi pais natal Australia esta confrontando el virus vigorosamente. Ya estan probando (supuestamente) mas personas por capita de cualquier otro pais. Se parece que mi pais adoptado – Colombia esta conteniendo el virus con pequeño incrementos en dias recientes pero obviamente la situacion es precario y se puede cambiar rapido. Yo lei que tu pais natal Venezuela solo tiene 77 infecciones pero no tengo mucha confianza en en este dato.

      Siempre me encanta leer tus mensajes. Saludo Amigo!

      • macalder02 says:

        Tengo familia y amigos en Venezuela y la verdad que ellos están seguros que la cifras son más alta de lo que dice el gobierno. Más adelante se sabrá la verdad.
        Voy a revisar ese link porque hay diversas información al respecto. Un abrazo

      • Si to recomiendo este link. El documental es super informativo. Si quizas necesitarias poner los subtitulos en los opciones adentro You Tube.

        Si, yo no estaria sorprendido que las cifras son mas altas. Solo espero que el clima tropico (y longitud geografico del ubucacion) restringuir los infecciones.
        Dios nos protege. Chao.

      • macalder02 says:

        Así. Un abrazo.

  2. Nadine says:

    Thanks for checking out my post… happy to read your take on it too. :))

    “Perhaps psychologically you could draw connections to 9-11” – yes, one definitely could… and: “but COVID 19 seems particularly more menacing not just in terms of threats to global health (physical and mental), but because the economy as we know it will be trashed” — but the economy is being trashed because of the way the situation is being handled. It makes me wonder, why is it being handled this way? But I prefer not to think about it too much. It boggles my mind.

    I was thinking of buying Atwood’s sequel to the Handmaid’s tale, to find out what happens… ;)) (Just a small joke, to keep things light. :))

    Stay well; virtual hugs from France. 🤗

    • What way should it be handled except for strict quarantining and closing down businesses and limiting people’s mobility in the short-term?

      I’m unfamiliar with Atwood’s sequel to the Handmaid’s tale. Fill me in lol
      You too – stay well Amiga! Cheers from Colombia.

      • Nadine says:

        I’m fine with it… as long is it’s truly for the short term. Perhaps they’re just trying to push the peak past the coldest season (when so many people are usually sick from things in general, so that they have beds available to deal with it all… in warmer climes things will ease up). But this could also be a kind of practice run to get us masses used to self-isolating… pre-matrixy-effect, da-da-dunnnn…. lol. ;))

        I don’t know if it was wise to close the schools… I think some marginalized kids are home in situations that made school seem like a respite. But again, I understand that as a trickle-up effect it protects those at higher risk.

        And like I said, I prefer not to think about it too much… and see the positive in it. It’s beautiful for us to have this extra time together at home as a family (my husband is required to work from home). Our kids are thrilled to not have to go to school. And I noticed the local teachers were too, on the last pickup day. It’s nice for them to have a break (although it just happen not long after the last two-week holiday… and before the next two-week holiday). Some here say the schools won’t open again for the rest of the year… but that has to be pure rumour. The economy can’t support all of this for long. Nor will the people, at some point. Boredom, lack of funds, stir-craziness, will overcome mass hysteria, I suppose.

        As for atwood’s book… here it is…

        Bisous et… santé. 😚🍵✌️☕️📖

      • Hi Nadine,

        I agree. Ideally the ‘lockdown’ phase should be for the shortest period. I think so much depends on where you are and if the location is at risk of becoming a cluster. As I mentioned in other comments here, parts of the world with higher temperatures and humidity do not have anywhere near the same vigorous spread as places with similar longitudes and low temperatures. Personally, I am much more concerned about people dying of hunger here in Colombia due to strict quarantining (not to mention anarchy and violence) than I am about the virus.

        That’s wonderful how you are focused on the positive, including having more family time. I feel sorry for my kids who can’t leave the house. They already want to go back to school, which I can’t blame them. It might be different where you are, but my kids are doing home schooling and studying as rigorously as they would at school, minus the social interaction. I agree the economy can’t support this going on for much longer, nor will people stand for it. Thanks for the link to the book. I’ll check it out. BTW I miss my Kindle which died a year ago.
        You and your family stay well Amiga. regards Matt

      • Nadine says:

        Aw thanks, Matt, for this very kind reply. I’m so awfully sorry to hear about the suffering from hunger, anarchy and violence. Many of us have so much to be grateful for… your words bring such an important reminder. Thanks again… and hasta pronto, amigo.

      • No, I don’t believe there is widespread hunger and violence, but I’m afraid there will be. In neighboring Venezuela there most definitely is.
        That is true, we should be grateful. Nos vemos Nadine. Byeee.

  3. Reely Bernie says:

    I’m a huge fan of this show, but its one trick pony of self-awareness can ring thin over time. Season 3 with the restaurant opening is, by far, the most masterfully written and executed. I adore Larry 🙂

    • I think each season has episodes of varying qualities, ranging from high tier episodes to lower tiers. Yes, I enjoyed the restaurant opening story arc, as well as The Mel Brooks The Producers season. The Seinfeld Season was also great. Season 8 in NY I also liked. I think every season has some gold sprinkled throughout. He’s a talented bugger!

  4. Tina Siuagan says:

    “Curb Your Enthusiasm” looks fun and interesting; I’ve seen some snippets in Youtube. But one thing’s for sure, I’ll pass as Larry’s female version of his character there — only sweeter. Lol.

    I hope you’re having a safe yet fruitful “quarantine period”. I didn’t imagine that I’ll be witnessing something like the Coronavirus outbreak in my lifetime. But I guess, this could just be the beginning if our governments will keep turning their backs on the issue of health security.

    Keeps safe, always!

    • You would pass as a female version of Larry? haha I love Curb, I really do. In the beginning, I found it an acquired taste, but once fully ingested it’s a show hard not to want to stop munching on. If you ever get the chance to watch it, I would recommend following it from Season 1 Episode 1.

      The quarantine period feels pretty much life as normal for me. I miss jogging, going for walks, traveling, cinema and the like, but I can more than entertain myself undertaking various activities. How are you going with it in the Philippines? Are you working from home?

      Cheers and thanks for commenting Tina!

      • Tina Siuagan says:

        I’ll keep that in mind. Coming from you, I’d trust that review. 😉

        People here are having a hard time because the quarantine meant not being able to earn money for their families, especially for per day wage earners. But we can’t do anything about it as this measure is for the common good.

        And yes, I am working from home. 🙂

      • I am glad you are keeping yourself occupied with work at home. The same goes here in Colombia where many are casual wage earners. I’m probably more concerned about people dying from starvation and a potential humanitarian crises than I am the virus.
        You and your family stay well Tina!
        Kind regards.

      • Tina Siuagan says:

        Likewise! This too shall pass. 🙂

  5. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Still haven’t been able to see any of season 10 of C.Y.E.

    Just getting over the shock and stress of being forced to work from home (although I DO feel lucky to have a job I can keep doing from home) but I’m terrible at setting up equipment and keeping the gajillions of passwords organized and all that. It’s very confusing to me. Hubby’s helped a lot and I have to rein in the self-doubt and tendency toward hysteria so as not to stress HIM out, lol.

    Sorry to hear about your kids stressing, too, and wanting to go back to school. I’m glad you all are well, though…(at least at the time of writing this) and hope you all stay well.

    I do hope the disease burns through quickly so folks can go back to “normal” but I’m like you, Matt. Being alone isn’t any biggie, ha ha. Or alone with hubby. We’re experts at lone wolfishness and self-entertainment. I don’t think this is a Handmaid’s Tale situation–I hope not!–and hopefully we won’t be looking back at this a year later saying, “Why weren’t we more suspicious??!!” lol. Meantime, if I can just get through a day of work without effing up somehow, or things just effing up for mysterious reasons to me that then take me long, wasted time to figure out–I’m happy.

    Take care!

    • I hope you get round to seeing Season 10. There are some really funny parts in every episode.

      That’s great Stace you can continue carrying on your job at home and that you are not freaking your hubby out too much…lol It’s funny that you mention at the time of writing this, because as of a matter of minutes I just received information that our immediate locality has 38 confirmed cases of the virus. So there go my days of going outside – even to the shops. I’ll have to order in from now on. I’m not going to get too concerned since I think the ‘actual’ total cases is so much higher than the official total that the ‘actual mortality rate’ is in fact so much lower than that according to ‘reported’ cases. But in the meantime we all need to do the right thing until the facts become more apparent. Like you implied, it’s better we err on the side of caution in this initial phase.

      I loved this – ‘We’re experts at lone wolfishness and self-entertainment’. That pretty much sums it up.

      Cheers amiga and stay well and don’t let those things eff up lol

  6. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Same to you, Matt, and yours.
    As for the eff-ups….sometimes my fault. Sometimes not. I just have to stop bursting into tears every time it happens. Just kidding, lol.
    Gonna check out your last post soon…gotta go into the torture chamber–I mean work–in about 1/2 hour, ha ha.
    Hang in………..!

  7. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Muchas gracias, amigo. Back at ya!

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