17/10 – 23/10/22 – Social-Emotional Learning, Excess Deaths in Australia, Babies & Russia

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Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world.

The Dark Truth About Social-Emotional Learning
Audio presentation at New Discourses

We have to talk about Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). It’s not the first time it’s been addressed here on the New Discourses Podcast, but the full picture hasn’t been painted for you yet. Social-Emotional Learning is evil and must be stopped. It isn’t a nice little program to help at-risk kids deal with the difficulties of learning. It’s the central pillar of a nefarious attempt to remake and control society. Host James Lindsay walks you through a number of sources promoting and describing Social-Emotional Learning in unprecedented depth, breadth, and clarity in this long but crucial episode of the podcast.’ (Listen to audio presentation here)

High Excess Deaths in Australia
Excess Baby Deaths Investigation
Video presentations by Dr. John Campbell

As I stated in last week’s – News on the March I consider Dr. John Campbell one of the most significant news sources regarding facts surrounding the vaccines and the Pandemic. Since last week I have watched two truly disturbing presentations about the facts he has ascertained from Government agencies respectively to both ‘Excess Deaths in Australia’ and ‘Excess Baby Deaths’.

Pertaining to the 1st video about Excess Deaths in Australia, I want to relay this comment by a retired Australian GP:
As a retired Australian GP, I am appalled at the medical profession’s lack of interest in investigating the causes of excess deaths and not even considering the most obvious association.’

In the 2nd video about Excess Baby Deaths, Dr John Campbell quotes from Public Health Scotland; ‘We do not have any plans to examine maternal vaccination status, as there is no public health reason to do so‘. Yes, you did read that correctly. The Doctor’s long deep pause after reading this (at 7:17 in the video) nearly made me cry. (Watch video presentations respectively; here and here)

Unwrapping the Enigma, Mystery and Riddle: Stephen Kotkin Explains Russia to Andrew Roberts (Oct 12)
Audio interview at Hoover Institution

Understanding the psyche of Russia and the Russians has bewildered Westerners for generations; foremost expert Stephen Kotkin gives some penetrating insights into how to do it.

To quote from Kotkin (referring to the opening of the Soviet archives):
‘..The main things we learn was the belief in Communist ideals that were very pervasive, and we did not take seriously enough, that includes the Elite and Stalin personally. The Communists turned out to be Communists, just like the Nazis were Nazis, just like the Communist regime in China today means what it says. We sometimes have a tendency to tone down and wish away deeply held ideological beliefs that make us uncomfortable that we don’t hold ourselves…’ (Audio interview at here)

news on the march the end

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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    That is a very scary thing.

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