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Here is what the COVID Vaccine for young children looks like

The video at the bottom of this post specifically from 27:20 reminded me of this snippet video I posted back in November ’21. It was when my daughter Katherine received a mandatory vaccine which she knew full-well as did I;

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17/10 – 23/10/22 – Social-Emotional Learning, Excess Deaths in Australia, Babies & Russia

Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world. The Dark Truth About Social-Emotional LearningAudio presentation at New Discourses ‘We have to talk about Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). It’s not the first time it’s

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25/09 – 2/10/22 – Lawsuit against the US Federal Government, Former Pharmaceutical Rep & Transformation of the Church

Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world. To open today’s article, I wanted to present the following image. I’ve lived a little but Brett and Heather’s latest podcast is a first

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Reflections on the fall-out of COVID

‘There is no more important moment than this Death Star moment’ The video discussion above between Brett Weinstein and Maajid Nawaz is about the fall-out of COVID and the mandates implemented by the authorities and supported by institutions and press.

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Opinion Piece – ‘We are now governed under Chinese-Rule’.

Above is an excerpt of the latest article today from BBC news. Their exists just one of two reasons for such measures. One, the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus is very deadly which we haven’t been told about, on the

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