Parque Tayrona & Palomino – The Carribean Coast, Colombia

The Mendihuaca River as it meets the Sea

‘Papa, these mountains seem like something straight out of Jurassic Park’ – Jesus Mateo (my son seen on the right above)

I have been absent from my blog because I was with my family the last 10 days on the Carribean Coast, Colombia. I say this with trepidation, but I believe I had the best time of all in this region, after nearly 14 years spent in Colombia. I live in Colombia’s capital, Bogota which is besieged by rain, traffic congestion, air pollution and general population stress. None of those negative aspects could be found in the regions we visited in the Magdalena and Guajira Department (‘Department’ otherwise known as ‘state’ in English). Infact the region we visited receives half of the yearly rainfall of Bogota.

Our time was mainly spent in this area presented above. I had read in backpacker sites that the surf on the Carribean coast in these parts we frequented were virtually ‘Un swimmable’ due to rips and the force of currents etc. I laughed it off and so did Connie. Below is the result of literally the first wave I caught at Palomino beach. I’m not sure what is worse, the blood or my gigantic nose. I need a nose job.

This small wave close to the shore drove me forehead into the pebble laden shore. I think you can still find an imprint of my nose on this beach. Just after this occurrence, my daughter Katherine looked at me and screamed (which is never a good sign) and flew towards Mama. That scared me more since I thought my head was cut wide open. Thankfully that didn’t happen, and my son and I ventured minutes later to tackle the fury of this wave – power. We learnt over days how we could adapt to the currents and wave ferocity and had a wonderful time like I remember body surfing with my younger brother in my youth in North Haven, the mid north coast, New South Wales, Australia.

Later in Palomino we stayed in this small rustic and artesian beach place. I cannot begin to describe how ‘cool‘ this place is. I’ll try it by sending this video below of a restaurant / disco cafe bar we ventured just meters from where we stayed. You can tell we were dying of hunger at this point awaiting the Pizzas and almost salivating.

Really, everything we did on the Carribean Coast seems now just like a dream. I was walking along the Mendihuaca beach and saw the seawater meeting the shore and for the first time in many years since I lived on the coast in Australia, I felt the feminine Mother of nature connecting with me. I was so grateful for that and it’s trippy for sure, but I’ll never forget this time we had together at these places.

Thank you for allowing me to share just a smidgeon of what we experienced with you.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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4 comments on “Parque Tayrona & Palomino – The Carribean Coast, Colombia
  1. Heyda says:

    Me alegra enormemente q te halla gustado nuestro Caribe colombiano. Es un paraíso totalmente. La conexión con el mar es única ver lo bello q es el mar. Lo majestuoso eso no tiene precio.

  2. If you move to the area I hope you have a room for visitors. Secondly how come your genes produced such good looking kids and how come they don’t have your nose?

    • It’s comforting to know in the cabin – house we stayed near Parque Tayrona that we had many visitors like kitty cats, moths, hens and their chicks, big spiders and what else? Umm. I think there is room for a New Zealander. I hope you like the local wildlife here.

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