Lluvia (1970) – Eddie Santiago

We have been going down a path of classic songs from Latin artists and today’s featured track ‘Lluvia‘ (Rain) won’t disappoint listeners. This is pure ‘Salsa Rosa‘ music which means Salsa music romantical which garnered notoriety since the mid-1980s.

I wrote a post of Puerto Rican Jerry Rivera’s hit Amores Como el Nuestro (‘Loves’ like Our One) which is also a pure ‘Salsa Rosa‘ song. Eddie Santiago (born Eduardo Santiago Rodríguez, 1955) like Jerry Rivera is a salsa singer from Puerto Rico (see map left).

There are few followers of Salsa music who don’t know the words of ‘Lluvia‘ interpreted by Eddie Santiago. ‘Lluvia‘ was composed by the Argentine writer Luis Ángel and he deserves big accolades here because these words in any language are A1 Masterclass level.

(A crude English translation follows)

[Verse 1]
Don’t tell me anything, I already knew
That our romance would end
Don’t tell me anything, I don’t want any more words
Because even being yours they hurt me

Don’t tell me anything and go away
Don’t call your hypocrisy love
Don’t tell me anything, the fool here was me
They hurt me, rose, your thorns

Rain Rain
Your cold kisses like rain (Rain)
That drop by drop they were cooling (Rain)
My soul, my body and my being
Rain Rain)
Your hands cold as rain (Rain)
That day by day they were cooling (Rain)
My burning desire and my skin

The song is inspired by a story of heartbreak by Luis Ángel, in which he captures how the woman he loved used to treat him very badly and could not understand how, after so much mistreatment, he was still by her side, but the answer seems to be very simple: he believed was the love of his life.

When the Argentine writer was asked about the identity of this woman who made him suffer, he was silent. Which is already irrelevant with the success that was ‘Lluvia‘, a song that marked the sensual and romantic sauce and that was engraved in the hearts of inveterate romantics.

1. Eddie Santiago: Conoce la historia detrás de ‘Lluvia’ – Radio Mar

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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