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21/11 – 27/11/22 – Sam Harris & Herbet Marcuse

Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world. Bret and Heather 151st DarkHorse Podcast LivestreamVideo podcast at Brett Weinstein I wrote the following in response to the discussion at the commencement of

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Laundering a false piece of News – The Washington Post

I used to admire the Washington Post (WP) because of how they were represented in All The Presidents Men by exposing the Republican shenanigans in 1972 involving the invasion of the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, not to mention

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The Democratic Collapse has Begun

When I mean ‘Democratic’ I don’t infer the Democratic Party rather the Democratic system as we know it; including its foundations and the values it represent. Today is the first time in my life time that I can recall a

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Becoming Rich and Successful

People in their 20’s make it or break it. Here are my personal dos and donts: Buy the cheapest car that goes, only if you absolutely require a car. Don’t ever own/use credit cards. Don’t pay rent unless you want

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