Becoming Rich and Successful

rich and successful
People in their 20’s make it or break it. Here are my personal dos and donts:

  1. Buy the cheapest car that goes, only if you absolutely require a car.
  2. Don’t ever own/use credit cards.
  3. Don’t pay rent unless you want to make another person rich and waste your money.
  4. Don’t have a wild nightlife and don’t chase the other sex and dine them.
  5. Wear condoms unless you are willing to shell out about $250,000US on an accident.
  6. Don’t marry anyone or live with anyone unless it’s absolutely necessary. See car.
  7. Own a business or venture where people give YOU money and/or invest in something secure where your money works for you.

With regards to being successful, look at Donald Trump. He’s of course a human turd, but a very confident one. Confidence exudes success and society responds very favourably to people who are confident despite how shallow or dangerous there opinions may be. Superficiality has been the flavour of society; well since society began.

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“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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2 comments on “Becoming Rich and Successful
  1. Potato Pizza Burger says:

    Especially with the credit cards! They’re a trap! So many people use their credit cards without monitoring their expenses, not realizing that small purchases here and there could pile up so quickly. Plus, people using credit cards get high on the sweet feeling of that mighty purchasing power, and are blinded by the illusion that they have plenty of money… that is, until it’s time to pay the bill. Then they can’t pay more than the minimum, and the interest adds up as time goes on, so now they’re caught in a trap that is so hard to dig out of.

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