Jordan Peterson – Intelligence Squared Podcast

‘(41.20) Lack of Freedom is more probable than Freedom….(Freedom) is always under threat…I think the fact that many comedians now won’t perform on University campuses is a very good indication of that. That’s a canary in the coalmine scenario, that.’

I think this is my favourite interview of JBP and I have seen more than I care to admit. Right now, I can’t go to a news site without being inundated with far-left ‘moral crusading’ ideological propaganda. My only two news feeds that I consider something resembling impartial news is the biologist’s Brett Weinstein podcast and the inititial 10 or so minutes of a Ben Shapiro show.

Peterson like Dostevesky and Neitsche forsaw what was going to evelope the society ahead of time. The radical leftist narrative and direction is now like a cyclone destroying all before it. The COVID crises acts as their guise to dismantle all which the Western world in moderate market economies have accomplished since the enlightenment.

There are no words which can describe the extent of this political erosion and its coercion on the populace. And unfortunately those of us in the whereabouts between the extremes no longer have a voice in any instituition..ANYWHERE! The radical left have the Universities, Multi-nationals, Hollywood, and the Mainstram Press in their pockets.

So this video below remains to me very special because while the world remained asleep, one individual stood up and told it how it’s going and how it might end up if we don’t find as individuals the courage to stand up to this ideological movement which is engulfing the world. Unfortunately it appears we are failing to do that.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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2 comments on “Jordan Peterson – Intelligence Squared Podcast
  1. Bruce says:

    I haven’t watched all of it yet – shall do so tonight. We call Ben Shapiro “the machine gun” – because of the speed in which he talks!

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