Ivermectin – American Journal of Therapeutics

Edited 3/8/2021

Individuals who follow my blog – Observation Blogger will know I trusted the information which was presented on the banned episodes of the Darkhorse podcast. I wrote articles supporting their arguments and the decision I have made today isn’t necessarily because I now reject everything they said, but I am now very sceptical of what they espoused about the studies of Ivermectin and alleged dangers of the Vaccines. I feel obliged to change my course of action regarding how I proceed about protecting myself during the Pandemic. 
Despite that, I continue to be repulsed about the mass censuring by You Tube / Twitter / Facebook about pro-Ivermectin or Anti Vaccine presentations.

Based on the recent interview by Rebel Wisdom with Yuri Deigin called Yuri Deigin Responds to Bret Weinstein on Vaccines, Ivermectin & Quillette and the data presented within I will now stop taking Ivermectin and get the Vaccine at the first available opportunity. I recommend people view the video from 33:00 minutes where the scientific data is presented slide by slide about Ivermectin and the safety of the Vaccines. Thanks Rebel Wisdom for showing both arguments. I don’t disrespect those still unwilling to take the vaccine because people should remain free to decide what they choose for their bodies to be administered and be free to enjoy life without restrictions. I will continue to view the Darkhorse podcast as I admire Brett and Heather perspectives very much.

My own mind has been made up after waiting out a little bit of time to see what extra data and information surfaced about the efficacy and safety of the Vaccines. I may well have made the wrong decision and Ivermectin could be the more effective prophylactic choice and the long term effects of the Vaccines may well result in serious adverse effects (as much as that seems unlikely). I don’t know for certain because I’m not a medical or viral specialist. But I have at least received enough information / data which satisfies me to take the Vaccine plunge. I hope this information finds you all in good spirits and health..Cheers.

Original Article:

I wrote an article recently titled: ‘Stop the Press – Pierre Kory & Bret Weinstein‘ about Dr. Pierre Kory’s pleads to congress about the efficacy of Ivermectin as a prophylaxis in the treatment of COVID. I warned in that article it was highly probable the video would be taken down by You Tube (YT) as Dr Kory’s testimony to Congress had been ‘gotten rid-of’ from broadcaster channels time and time again.
The tenacity of You Tube in restricting science and health information being made public is exemplary as they just took down the Kory & Weinstein video.

Red flag anyone? I mean that literally. Who NOW rules the roost (see Future of War video supported by the US Navy).

“They are going to find the division in our society and amplify it”. Sound familiar?

I have seen 2 people close to me suffering and unable to move from their bed because of COVID and when they were administered Ivermectin (and Vitamin D, C and Zinc) based on unauthorized medical advice they were up and about within days. The great news is the American Journal of Therapeutics just released an article that stated that Ivermectin was an effective prophylaxis for COVID.

I should preface I am not a medical doctor nor do I recommend people self-administer medicines. I have made editions to this article and it is apparent that Ivermectin is more effective (according to clinical studies) when used as a preventative measure and/or to treat those in the infancy of COVID symptoms.

The Crime of the Century episode (no longer available on the Brett Weinstein channel) about the health authorities disregard of Ivermectin despite all the evidence and clinical trials demonstrating its enormous benefit in treating COVID is correct as it states. This is the crime of the century, indeed!

Facebook and Youtube’s draconian policies which authorise the constant pulling of videos relating to vital health information from scientific experts and their desire to inform the public at large during this pandemic is unforgivable and has cost in my opinion hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives.
I’ll leave the last words to Dr. Pierre Kory who worked on the front line during the outbreak. I’d like to show where he said this, but You Tube wiped it from history:

Where in history has censorship been a good thing?’

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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10 comments on “Ivermectin – American Journal of Therapeutics
  1. badfinger20 (Max) says:

    I really hate facebook and youtube…if it’s not something they want then it’s gone.

    • It’s despicable what they have done.
      I love Daniel Schmachtenberger’s quote in a recent interview with Brett Weinstein: ‘Porn and online dating is to intimate relationships what Facebook and Twitter is to tribal bonding’.
      Weinstein responded, ‘It’s the junkitification of everything’. Lol

      • badfinger20 (Max) says:

        Great quote lol… it’s so wrong when they decide on what people can see or hear.

      • I wrote in a recent article about how their monopoly on public dissemination of information needs statutory legislation and oversight to ensure all voices are heard and that freedom of speech and expression is upheld. When a US president (now former) is curtailed from being published, you know something is seriously wrong.

        This is exactly how the US Navy intelligence foresaw how our enemies will try to break up western societies in their ‘Future of War’ video release. It’s playing out before our eyes and everyone’s falling for it especially the big western media oligarchy not to mention the universities and Hollywood.

      • badfinger20 (Max) says:

        I am hoping someone will start different companies to take them down…it’s hard to do that with established companies but it can be done…like what Facebook did to Myspace.

      • I think we are way past that now. Do you remember recently when a conservative offshoot of Twitter called ‘Parler’ was started not too long ago and Google refused them cloud server space and they had to disband?

        I don’t use Facebook or Twitter because I always felt they were disingenuous and contagious to society. The only way I see us getting out of this social media quagmire is that people vote with their feet and leave the platforms. But such is the addiction people have with these applications because of their endorphin effect, that is unlikely to occur.

        Honestly the future looks bleak to say the least as people resort to digital contact over face-face community and one on ones. Tribal harmony is impossible when the Press and Social media platforms continue to aim at polarisation for profits.

        Russia and China are rubbing their hands with glee. Which single nation has experienced record economic growth since the Pandemic hit? China. Where is the origin of the virus? China. Amazing coincidence.

  2. Abigail says:

    I categorically and enthusiastically agree with everything you have said on this page. Reading this has partially restored my hope that I am not, in fact, crazy. I sensed bad things coming regarding social media about eight years ago, when I stopped posting anything to FB. I’ve never signed up for any other social media, either. I cannot believe how many of the people I know are unable to think critically.
    We now find ourselves in a place where we have been isolated from one another, censored, punished, lied to, and told to get in line… Except that no one else seems to see it that way.
    There is some manner of game afoot. I’ve seen so many red flags that I feel compelled not to get vaccinated for SARS Covid-2, as I cannot justify placing that kind of trust in the authorities. It has nothing to do with microchips, and I voted for Gary Johnson.
    My co-workers were loudly attacking people who are not yet vaccinated at lunch today, and I was incredibly dismayed. I felt hated and alone. It’s like someone drew a line down a field and I’m the only one left standing one my side.
    Where are all of the people who are unafraid to ask the important questions??
    Anyway, thank you kindly for being one of these people. It is very helpful for similarly-minded but less vocal people, like me 🙂

    • Hi Abigail,

      I regret not having responded to your message earlier. I have been on holidays and a little tied up with the family. I have reflected on your illuminating comment and couldn’t help but feel similarly preoccupied and a ‘heretic’ when it comes to the establishment consensus on COVID treatment and information dissemination (or lack there of).

      As we discuss the circumstances of censuring health information, I just read that Facebook has surpassed 1 trillion in value for the first time. The mind boggles how their value continues to increase in the wake of their censuring hundreds of thousands of posts relating to COVID health information not to mention the expulsion of key individuals considered neo-liberals focused on free speech and expression. Scary stuff indeed.

      ‘We now find ourselves in a place where we have been isolated from one another, censored, punished, lied to, and told to get in line’ – I agree and think this neo-Marxist stance by those dictating the norms since COVID hit, are shockingly aligned with states opposed to western-liberal democratic values. My most recent article – ‘The Future of War’ about the US Naval Intelligence’s forewarning 2 years ago about how our enemies would strike Western culture is being carried out to a tee!

      I agree about the red flags and I am relieved to some extent that I have kept record of some of these since that 2 year-old video was released in conjunction with the US Navy.

      I too am unwilling to get vaccinated until further health evidence about the long-term affects come to light. I am taking weekly Ivermectin dosages as a prophylaxis until such time the independent sources I hold in high regard begin supporting it. I too , am not Anti-Vaccine, on the contrary. I went beyond the public health minimum requirement to ensure my children were vaccinated against additional threatening diseases.

      I would like to thank you for taking the time to comment on my article. I too, feel relieved we are not alone on these matters, but like you I am concerned about how easily people have unflinchingly conformed to the agendas of these authorities despite their trigger-finger draconian policies to curtail certain health information being made public.

  3. Dries Van Der Colff says:

    I find some of the things Dr Kory said during his testimony, and the stunning results from some of the studies used in the meta-analysis quoted, difficult to square with what is happening right now in South Africa, and specifically in my community in the east of Pretoria.

    In his testimony Dr Kory literally said these words, referring to Ivermectin and COVID
    – “We have a solution to this crisis”
    – “…a drug that is of miraculous impact”
    – “… miraculous effectiveness of Ivermectin”
    – “It basically obliterates transmission of this virus”
    – “If you take it, you will not get sick”

    This testimony got la lot of attention in South Africa, and contributed to Solidarity, a civil rights advocacy group for white people in South Africa, taking our version of the CDC to court in January, to force them to allow Ivermectin to be made available to the public. Solidarity won the case, and as a result Ivermectin is today available to anyone who wants it – You just need a doctor to prescribe it. Also, due to massive publicity in South Africa regarding the court case, and the influence and trust Solidarity has amongst a large section of the white community, there is widespread usage of Ivermectin amongst the community.

    White people make a small minority (9%) of the population of South Africa, but in the community where I live, the eastern part of Pretoria, white people form a majority. I did an online survey using large Pretoria East community Facebook group to get an idea of attitudes towards Covid, Ivermectin and vaccines. One of the results was that 35% of respondents said that they have been using Ivermectin.

    In December and January, South Africa, including the east of Pretoria, had a massive second wave of Covid. Several family members and people I knew personally either died or survived being admitted to hospital. The second wave was over before Solidarity won their case in February, therefore before Ivermectin was widely used here

    We are currently experiencing a third wave that is worse than the second wave in December January. Gauteng, the province where Pretoria is located, is the epicentre of the current outbreak. The epicentre of the epicentre in this outbreak is the east of Pretoria. The daily infection numbers in the east of Pretoria are already double the peak of the second wave, and still rising rapidly. The hospitals in Pretoria are full, with triage decisions being made to decide who will die and who have a chance to live. I personally had the experience when I took my wife to the casualty department at the local private hospital with severe Covid: She was treated in a tent in the parking lot of the hospital in the middle of our winter. My son’s father in law was left at home by ambulance crews twice, because hospital beds were not available for people with oxygen saturation above 80%. He was eventually picked up by an ambulance when his saturation dropped below 70%. The ambulance went from hospital to hospital for 4 hours before they found one with a bed available. He ended up intubated in intensive care.

    What I see happening around me where I live, amongst friends, family and acquaintances is impossible for me to reconcile with Dr Kory’s sweeping statements. “It basically obliterates transmission of this virus” may apply to other places in the world, but the statement clearly does not apply to the east of Pretoria. . The devastating scale of the outbreak in an area where 35% of people use Ivermectin and the fact that people I know personally, who used Ivermectin, got infected, suggest to me otherwise.

    Dr Kory’s statement “If you take it, you will not get sick” clearly does not seem to apply in the east of Pretoria either. People end up in hospital in droves here despite many people using Ivermectin. We don’t get hospitalization numbers by city district, like we get for infections, the highest resolution is by province. I compared the ratios of the increase in hospitalization per day to the number of new infections reported for two dates in Gauteng province: The peak of the second wave on 11 January, and yesterday 29 June. On 11 January, the 7-day moving average of infections per day was 5266 for the province, and the increase in hospitalizations on that day 117. The ratio of 117/5266 is 2.2%. On 29 June, the moving average new daily infections was 10092, and the increase in hospitalizations was 453. This ratio is 4.5%, which is more than double the hospitalization ratio of the second wave!

    Note that I’m not saying that my observations rule out the possibility that Ivermectin could have some benefit. However, to me it seems as if Dr Kory’s categorical sweeping statements do not apply in the area where I live. I’m reserving my final opinion on whether Ivermectin has some benefit against Covid. When people ask my opinion whether they should use Ivermectin, I tell them that if they think it may help, there is no harm to use it. It has fewer and less severe side-effects than most over the counter medicines.

    … But there may be a dark side to the pervasive belief in Ivermectin amongst my community as a “miraculous” treatment. In my survey, more than 50% of the respondents said that they believed that if they use Ivermectin, they don’t need any other precaution: No vaccine, no social distancing, no masks. It is something I personally observed while the case numbers started to rise rapidly since about a month ago: Restaurants were packed, weddings, church services, photos of house parties on Facebook. I have very little doubt the disregard for safety protocols was at least partly due to those people thinking they were fully protected if they used Ivermectin. It is therefore very possible that many people in my community got sick and may have even died due to not taking any precautions, because they believed in the “miraculous effectiveness of Ivermectin”

    A last remark regarding your post: Your observation of two people getting better after using Ivermectin can’t be seen as confirmation that it works. As per my calculation above, before Ivermectin was widely used in South Africa, only 2.2% of people testing positive at the peak of the outbreak, ended up in hospital. Conversely it means that more than 97% of people testing positive, got over the virus without using Ivermectin, and without needing hospitalization. Statistically that means that even if you knew of 100 people who got better after using Ivermectin, that still is no proof whatsoever that Ivermectin made a difference in any of those cases, let alone the two cases you referred to

    • To read from someone from another distant community about Ivermectin is really interesting.
      I didn’t know Kory’s testimony got a lot of attention anywhere, let alone Sth Africa or the Solidarity group you mentioned. I don’t see how race is involved in this discussion. I just see it people trying to help others out. So, you lost me there.

      If you look at where Ivermectin programs have been admitted, (I have the graphs) it has been overwhelmingly effective. You seem to be trying to substantiate your region has been hit the hardest. Go to Colombia COVID figures (where I live) if you want that.

      Please read the results of the clinical studies of Ivermectin as a prophylaxis. You do realise it has little effect on those in the ICU’s?

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