I Do It For You (2022) – Christina Perri

Perri in her video Evergone

I feel fortunate to have heard a lot from Christina Perri’s latest album – A Lighter Shade of Blue. I think it’s groundbreaking material. I recently wrote in the article of her song Evergone that this isn’t the type of music I would ordinarily engage with, but I’m caught hook, line and sinker. It is Christina’s attention to detail in the pronunciation and intonation that impresses me so much and I Do It for You is a grandiose example of why I think so highly of her art. Like her other music presented here I never grow tired of listening to it.

I wanna love without fear, without condition, without blame
I wanna love so hard in the unguarded place
I can’t do it for me, but I’ll do it for you
I wanna say what needs to be said, I wanna be confident
To be in my body without the need to be perfect
I can’t do it for me, but I’ll do it for you

I don’t know why, I don’t know how
But everything impossible is possible now
Don’t you worry, darlin’, I know I’m not feelin’ strong
My love for you will carry us

In the short video – Stories that shaped the album: a lighter shade of blue Christina explains (paraphrased somewhat) ‘It was 2019 and I was freely writing, and I didn’t have a title for the album or an idea of what it would be. It was just making the pieces. I’m going to choose all the songs that take people on the journey going from a dark place to a light place…It’s so weirdly foreshadowing the experience of my life‘ You can tell the loss of her still-born baby Rosie had a big impact on her making this record.

I really didn’t know how to grieve the loss of Rosie and then go back into being a recording artist. I couldn’t find the bridgeAnd I thought to myself, ‘I can’t put out an album that’s already written that doesn’t represent Rosie, and I can’t not talk about her, but I also don’t know how to talk about her yet.’

There’s a freedom in the freefall,” sings Christina Perri on the opening track to her long-awaited third studio album, A Lighter Shade of Blue. “Wanna scream, but I whisper.”

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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