Dylan 60's

Did I Ever Love You (2014) – Leonard Cohen - This song demonstrates what is so damn good about Cohen’s music especially in the latter epoch of his career. I could have Did I ever Love You on repeat and never tire hearing it. The contrasting musical interlude between the
Diamonds & Rust (1975) – Joan Baez - The introspective self-emboldening Diamonds and Rust is the first song to appear here from the phenomenal talent that is Joan Baez. It is so well-renowned because it tells of her turbulent relationship with fellow singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. Diamonds and Rust
Desolation Row (1965) – Bob Dylan - I’ll admit I was more daunted to write about this song than any other. I’m still none the wiser where to go with this phenomenal piece after letting it sit with me a number of days. To subject your interpretation
Democracy (1992) – Leonard Cohen - Back when Cohen released Democracy I was just out of high school and learning to fly from the nest. If someone had asked me what Democracy was I may have scolded them for eating into my time trying to serenade
Delia (1993) – Bob Dylan - This is the first song to appear here from Dylan’s 1993 traditional-folk record World Gone Wrong (WGW) and kicks off side two of the record. This album was a follow-up to his other acoustic guitar and harmonica record – Good

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