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Rocketman- Elton Hercules John! - As I alluded to in a recent post there is a plethora of music homage movies set for release in 2019, Rocketman is one such feature which centers on the musical-life of Elton John. This review does contain spoilers so
Music homage films abound in 2019 (Beatles, Springsteen, Elton John & Bob Dylan) - After the big box-office smash hit Bohemian Rhapsody, film studios must have been wiping the dust off dozens of musical homage scripts faster than they could sing: ‘We will, we will rock you!’. Yesterday and Blinded By The Light In
Tarot Suite – Mike Batt and Friends (1979) - No other album was played as often in our house during my youth than Tarot Suite by Mike Batt (with the London Symphony Orchestra)
All Bob Dylan songs are now available on HIS official vevo you tube channel! - This is an extraordinary move coming from an artist that has been fiercely fighting bootleggers for most of his life and rigorously taking down videos on youtube. Talk about having Dylan at your fingertips. No longer do we have to
A little known Australian movie called ‘Candy’ and Tim Buckley’s ‘Song to the Siren’ - Heath Ledger was at the peak of his acting prowess when he sadly departed from this great play we all take part called ‘Life’.  He was posthumously awarded the Oscar for best supporting actor in his role as the Joker

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