Dylan 60's

Catch the Wind (1965) – Donovan - This song like any other entered my prepubescent teenhood as they all do, but none other besides ‘Catch the Wind‘ was as powerful on my psyche or upon how I should orientate myself like ‘Catch The Wind‘. I wrote in
Carnival (1995) – Natalie Merchant - This understated song from Natalie Merchant’s debut album Tigerlily was inspired by her first trip to New York as a 16 year old. She compares the sights and sounds of New York to a carnival. She claimed she was fascinated
Camina Burana “O Fortuna” (1935) – Carl Orff - Today’s musical piece ‘O Fortuna‘ by Carl Orff (see image above) you have no doubt heard of because it has become so embedded in popular culture. It is derived from the 13th Century medieval Latin Goliardic poem of the same
Carribean Wind (1985) – Bob Dylan - Carribean Wind is another one of those immense Dylan songs one can find perplexing how he deemed it unreleasable material. When writing this post I was tossing up between this and Abandoned Love to declare my favourite. I realised I
ELO – Can’t Get It Out Of My Head - Originally posted on PowerPop... An Eclectic Collection of Pop Culture:
The song is appropriately named because it’s hard to get it out of your head after you listen to it. The song peaked at #9 in the Billboard 100 in…

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