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Lost Tribe

No matter what he did, where he went for all the beer he drunk the people he upset for all the stupid things he did, He could at least say to himself in the end: ‘I once had this thing that enabled me to

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The Appointment

The appointment at the computer. every night, just abouts. it is waiting. my chair. a one man seat. accustomed place allows me to view everything that I feel needs viewing. But Alas, there is music to my ears playing on my crummy speakers some songs

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Gold Nugget

Inflatable pool, swiggin’ Dad’s beer, kissed my Godmother’s daughter, ‘How cute!’, Dad took a photo, later on, my best friend would snatch it, and then it did the school rounds. ‘This Gold nugget is yours’, Cathy said, ‘If you kiss me.’ we

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The Ferry

Sit on those crooked rocks and watch those waves lap at your legs, never sleep again. I was in the middle of something and you popped in to say ‘hi’ I hope you stay which I confess I’ve never said

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Charles Bukowski’s gravestone epitaph ‘Don’t Try’

Many people have wondered what the gravestone epitaph of the great American counter-culture poet and novelist Charles Bukowski means – ‘Don’t Try.’  I was baffled by this too until I came across Bukowski’s Go All the Way poem. Here is

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