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Glad Wrap and other ‘Broken Shoelace’ Events

So here I am unwrapping the dreaded ‘glad-wrap’ plastic to seal over a plate of food that I will perhaps reheat the next day….and I’m in kind of a hurry. When you are cooking for just one, you’re always in

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Murky Waters

Deeper thoughts lay withinA cove of great despairIt’s sad and it’s of murky watersOnce shone a lustrous blue Touching remains sunk deep withinOh, time heals everything, butYour stirring love, scarring detailTreasure chest full, rusted and torn I hear on the

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Lost Tribe

No matter what he did, where he went for all the beer he drunk the people he upset for all the stupid things he did, He could at least say to himself in the end: ‘I once had this thing that enabled me to

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The Appointment

I have an appointment with the computer. Every night nearly. It is waiting. My chair. A one man seat.

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Gold Nugget

Inflatable pool, sipping’ Dad’s ice cold beer kissed my Godmother’s daughter ‘How cute!’, Dad took a photo Later on, my best friend snatched it and it would do the school rounds I’ve had better days, lets leave it at that

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The crooked rocks, waves lapping my legs Must be Mornington, feels like the beach you popped in to say ‘hi’, your echo drew me here To await the ferry which will cast me out Forget those seedy districts, weirdos and

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Charles Bukowski’s Gravestone Epitaph ‘Don’t Try’

Many people have wondered what the gravestone epitaph of the great American counter-culture poet and novelist Charles Bukowski means – ‘Don’t Try.’  I was baffled by this too until I came across this illuminating quote from Bukowski which should substantiate

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