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Glad Wrap and other ‘Broken Shoelace’ Events

So here I am unwrapping the dreaded ‘glad-wrap’ plastic to seal over a plate of food that I will perhaps reheat the next day….and I’m in kind of a hurry. When you are cooking for just one, you’re always in

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Crikey! ‘That’s a Tough Mother Bleepin’ Wooden Door’

A fellow Aussie’s commentary on the greatest police ‘fail’ ever. Related Articles:1. Comedy and the Ages. Lenny Bruce, Charles Bukowski and Hunter S Thompson2. Gillette is on point3. Movies and TV menu

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The World Golf Tour

I was meandering about the web a week ago trying to find games for my kid. I fell upon a golf program that I thought might be fun, not knowing in 24 hours I would be ‘like’ totally addicted. Wow,

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