The Sunshine Song – Kundalini Yoga

I wrote in another post titled Kundalini Course for Beginners about my practice of Kundalini Yoga. I described why I took up Kundalini Yoga and how it has helped me on countless occasions get me out of some very dark places. Picture Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill 2 clawing her way out of that makeshift wooden coffin 6 feet under. Ok, that was a tad melodramatic, but you get my drift.  I would not be exaggerating however claiming that more than anything else in my life Kundalini Yoga has been my ‘saving grace’ as it were.

After having completed another session this morning from Nirvair Singh Khalsa’s transformational video series called Kundalini Yoga For Beginners, I found myself as I often do in a state of awe and overwhelming appreciation for the experience I had just partaken. You see, the real ‘kicker’ is the ending called The Sunshine Song. I’ll let the yogi Nirvair Singh Khalsa describe what that consists of:

The Sunshine song is a projected healing meditation. What I want you to do is to mentally pick out a person that you would like to help or heal. As you see this person; as you feel them; have them at their very best; their healthiest, their happiest. It can be someone that needs healing energy, someone that’s not feeling well physically, mentally, emotionally or someone that you’re having a conflict with. Often times conflicts can’t be resolved or you come to loggerheads and it’s good to work on them from another dimension and from another angle. Singing the sunshine song about someone you are having a conflict with can really clear a lot of things up quickly.

the Sunshine Song

So pick out a person now, keep them in your mind’s eye, see them, feel them and we’ll sing the song. We’ll sing it through twice and at the end we will chant a long ‘SAT’ and a short ‘NAM’. ‘SAT’ means truth and light and ‘NAM’ means ‘identity and existence’. Inhale deeply….

Here from 57:15 in the video you can view Nirvair’s explanation in full and The Sunshine Song
(The owner  of the video has disabled playback for use on other sites, hence why I cannot display it on this post).

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”- Michel Legrand

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12 comments on “The Sunshine Song – Kundalini Yoga
  1. JJ says:

    I have tried yoga but purely from a perspective of physical exercise. As i get into the spiritual dimension, i can see that yoga is so much more. I will give these series a try. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Clever Girl says:

    I’m always impressed with people who dedicate themselves to the practice. I need to get back into yoga… I say every day.

  3. Sean says:

    I always relate more to the physical side of yoga but still find it a great way to reset. It sounds like you have had similar experiences and probably deeper ones since you seem to have tapped into the mental side of yoga as well.

    • I would also consider myself having related more to the physical side of yoga for the majority of the time. I have always found the spiritual/mental/meditation side of yoga more challenging because I am a bit of a skeptic in those regards. Only recently have I embraced the spiritual side more. I like the ‘reset’ word you mentioned. I think on the mental side it ‘resets’ me and I find that spiritually rejuvenating. Hey, thanks for chiming in. What yoga do you practice?

    • I had the blessed fortune to randomly take a yoga class at the university of Alaska in 1999.-I have tried since then to explain to people why Kundalini is in my opinion the best form of beginners yoga. Nivair was the best teacher hands down. He would walk throughgently correcting us if out form was off. Watching him teach a class of thirty is impressive. It definitely changed my life. The breathing techniques have saved me from illnesses and kept my heart in great shape. He is one of the nicest teachers I have ever had.

      • Thanks so much for your message. You are the second person to have messaged me on my blog that you knew Nirvair in person. I am absolutely thrilled to read your feedback about what it was like to be taught by him. I just finished episode 12 of his beginner series yesterday. I do at least one of his classes weekly. I wouldn’t want to envisage where my life might have gone if I didn’t buy his video series. Like you mentioned about the breathing exercises – I have found them physically and mentally indispensable.
        ‘Sat Nam’

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