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Day For Night (2016) – Stacey E. Bryan

Day For Night is the debut novel by my good friend Stacey Bryan who is a regular contributor to my blog article discussions and maintains a blog site of her own called Laughter Over Tears. Day For Night is a

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Billy 1 (1973) – Bob Dylan

Billy 1 is a track from Bob Dylan’s underrated soundtrack album ‘Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid‘. Billy 1 builds on the instrumental Main Title Theme (Billy) which opens the record. Most people will be familiar with the second song

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28/01 – 3/02 incl. Natassja Kinski, The Great Barrier Reef, Gravestones and Black Books.

Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world. Stars of the Past: Natassja Kinski  Article at  PrettyandWittyandBright: The author of this article got in contact me with after reading my movie review

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Big Yellow Taxi (1970) – Joni Mitchell

Big Yellow Taxi is the first song from Canadian singer songwriter Joni Mitchell to appear in the music library project. I was introduced to Joni’s music when she appeared on The Band’s legendary concert ‘The Last Waltz’. Joni is an

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1917 (2019) and Gallipoli (1981)- Friday’s Finest Special Edition

I saw the almost universally praised war-film 1917 in the cinema this week. While I discuss this movie I want to compare and contrast it to Peter Weir’s Australian movie Galipoli.  1917 like Gallipoli is set in World War 1

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Big In Japan (1999) – Tom Waits

The first line of Big in Japan sums things up pretty well – ‘I got the style, but not the grace’. I am a huge fan of this song and I wish I had come across it much sooner in

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‘The Golden Touch’ – By Ron and Toby Blanchard

For today’s Wednesday literature excerpt we take a look at an Australian theater script which was written 33 years ago. What makes today’s post slightly offbeat is I played the original protagonist of this oddball play The Golden Touch which

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Better Days (1992) – Bruce Springsteen

I’m backtracking a couple of songs in the alphabetical order here to resume my music library project in 2020. I am at complete loss how this song was not in my original music library catalogue, but thanks to Badfinger’s post

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21/01 – 27/01 incl. The Fall of Star Wars, Global Warming and Islam

Welcome to Monday’s News on the March – The week that was in my digital world. I’m coming out of my month long hibernation to resume my posting routine. I don’t know how astute I will be maintaining it because

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Comedy and Woke Culture

HI there. I’m coming out of  temporary slumber to present this video which appeared in my you tube feed recently which I thought was very engaging. It is a piece by radical feminist and socialist Tatiana McGrath written by Andrew

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