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Today’s Click-Bait BBC Article Promoting a ‘High-Fibre’ Diet Doesn’t Stack Up

See responses in Reddit to my post below here. I just finished reading about this study on the BBC news. It’s the second major story shown on BBC world news. They called it ‘The Lifesaving Food 90% aren’t eating enough

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How to Read your Blood Test Results. And Reading Cholesterol is not What you Think

Dr. Paul Mason – ‘Blood tests – what your cholesterol results mean Everyone should watch this video by Dr Paul Mason. Every time I see a video from this good doctor he is busting age-old dietary and medical myths with

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Readdressing the Dietary Guidelines Which Have Made us Fat and Unhealthy

Did you every get that disdainful look on an acquaintance’s face when you said, ‘I consume high fats in my diet’ and soon after enter into a fierce debate about what is good for our health and mostly talking past

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Longevity Expert Peter Attia is My New Hero! Nutrition and Health

Why You Need To Protect Your Joints If You Want to Live to Be 100 Apart from Dr Paul Mason’s highly illuminating dietary myth busting videos at the UTS, I think longevity specialist Dr Peter Attia’s advice concerning diet is

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