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The Political Compass Test. Where do You Sit on the Political Spectrum?

Hitler, on an economic scale, was not an extreme right-winger. His economic policies were broadly Keynesian, and to the left of some of today’s Labour parties. If you could get Hitler and Stalin to sit down together and avoid economics,

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Longevity Expert Peter Attia is My New Hero! Nutrition and Health

Why You Need To Protect Your Joints If You Want to Live to Be 100 Apart from Dr Paul Mason’s highly illuminating dietary myth busting videos at the UTS, I think longevity specialist Dr Peter Attia’s advice concerning diet is

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Cold Showers Help Burn Fat

ABC News Australia –  ‘Ten minutes of shivering can provide the same results as an hour of moderate exercise, research shows’. See full article Related Articles / Links: 1. Cold Shower Weight Loss – Is it Good or Bad 2. Cold

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